Thursday, September 6, 2012

How to ask a girl out…

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  1. Cudos to Benji for waiting 9 hours before taking this screenshot.

  2. If someone said T2000 had a life, I would say “fake and false.”

  3. ^you are really fucking thirsting for some attention, aren’t you?
    be careful what you wish for. you might get it.

  4. ^That.

    T2000 hasn’t even commented yet. Seems like a really backwards way of going about proving a point. Kinda inbred…y’know…breeding to keep the genes going but actually pissing on Darwin.

  5. ^ Right?

    Anyway, this post was actually funny. Go lamebook! You’ve restored my hope in you, AND humanity in general!
    Not really. Go fuck yourself. But still, it was funny.

  6. How did Shawn lose his balls? Maybe Jennifer stole them?

  7. With friends like this, who needs a wingman?

  8. Glad to see we have a new frodo.

  9. ^who? itzmongoloid? the hobbit with the oh-so-precious ring?

  10. If he is inbred, which is a strong possibility, he’ll have had his ring broken by the age of 9.

  11. Profit!

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