Monday, June 17, 2013

How to get a ton of comments

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  1. How to get more comments and likes on lamebook….post more funny submissions such as this one.

  2. His 2 pals, Jenny and Tony are such pricks in the 2nd version.

  3. I find the most comments tend to be on sexy photos of hot girls. And sadly, that will never be me, mostly because I’m a man.

  4. #here #is #another #way #to #get #a #lot #of #attention #on #fb #to #seem #like #you’re #popular

  5. Forgot the other hashtags from the last post
    #retardstatus #cryforattention #likeaboss…

  6. fuck facebook.

  7. I’m confused. Is this post taking the piss out of grammar Nazis? Or do people actually do this to get more attention?

  8. It’s Facebook. Everything is done for attention.

  9. ^Nu-uh. Some people are just in a rush and errors occur, some people are just thick and can’t spell. Either way…surely can’t imagine anyone spells incorrectly just to get a bit more attention.
    But I agree, Facebook is fucking wank and full of people who have to brag about their own life when really, it’s not all that great; fairly mediocre by anyone’s standards.

  10. A comment by an individual who has named himself ‘crustylovelips’ and frequents Lamebook every day. Yes, you’re right. Other people’s lives are mediocre by your standard…

  11. Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realise pictures of people’s food were that fucking interesting. I suggest you stick to it ‘cos insults aren’t your forte.I come here for a bit of a release, listen to capns rants, and steal beatus’ jokes. What’s your excuse? And I came up with the name crustylovelips when I was 21, thought it was pretty amusing back then and, I may be mistaken, but it’s taken just a little more imagination than the self proclaimed “big boss man”. Presumably because your life has thus far amounted to sweet fuck all and have taken to boosting your ego with a less than adequate, deeply unfulfilling online persona.

  12. Wow, looking down on others whilst reading lamebook is your ‘release’?! That must be some life you have there.

  13. Humans judge – it’s in their nature. Go and complain to Darwin you Ape.

  14. as Theodore implied I’m alarmed that someone can profit ($)9890 in 1 month on the computer. have you seen this web site… Can99.c­om

  15. Crusty, please stop crying…

    If it gives you that much pleasure to sooth your ego by looking down on people’s Facebook entries, I’d best leave you to it. You clearly need it. I hope things get better for you in time.

  16. I come on here to rant when opportunity allows – fuck you for trying to take away my rights you communist bastard.

  17. sadistik.exekution

    I just love the guy’s family name. I’m fairly sure that it used to be Wysocki, but one of his ancestors just couldn’t remember how to spell it, so he changed it to be more phonetic.

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