Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Just Playin’

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  1. That’s a fucking lie. Women don’t have hearts. Anyone who claims otherwise is a lying whore.

  2. Now this I dig.

  3. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @1 so you’re truly fucked when you hook up with a ginger woman; no heart and no soul!

  4. ^As long as one gets some every day, I don’t see the problem.

  5. Gingers also smell of urine.

  6. The hooker in my basement has a heart. And now it’s in my freezer.

  7. Bacchante – Had a heart. she had one

  8. It’s still hers. I just have current possession of it.

  9. Well I never

  10. New boot goofin’

  11. But what if she has neither? What then?

  12. But you should definitely play with her pussy, and she’s only got one of those (except for that woman who has two, but she sounds like a prude).
    I note that crusty is incorrect about female anatomy. Rather like he is incorrect when he claims Elvis didn’t suck more than the backstreet boys.

  13. Perhaps I should advocate playing with her pussy with permission. I advocate against sexual assault.

  14. a way to a woman’s heart is through her clitoris.

  15. mad2, whilst I think your choice in music is embarrassing for anyone that isn’t a teenage girl, I can see that Elvis was wrongly idolised, and mostly by Chinese/fat old men doing impressions that should be kept for the amusement of Jews.

    The way to a woman’s heart is with a big fucking wooden stake. Or if it’s a really fat woman, a really big fucking steak.

  16. ^obviously doesn’t like the pussy, so….gay?
    Is that the prob, crusto? you a bit of a closet case?

  17. I hate both backstreet boys AND Elvis. I just hate Elvis more.
    Since crusty thinks hating Backstreet Boys is embarrassing, we can only conclude that crusty loves the Backstreet Boys, and thus we should execute him accordingly. As MsAnne says, crusty obviously doesn’t like the pussy.

  18. Not gay, no. Gay people don’t harbor bad feelings for women (unless they were beaten by their moms). Impotent, maybe.

  19. I’m so gay I make Chris Crocker look like Chuck Norris fucking a size 6. Piss poor, fuckers!!!!

  20. Good for you crusty, I wanna be gay too, when I grow up.

  21. Someone who calls themself crustylovelips must have had a BAD experience with pussy.

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