Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lost in Translation

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  1. STEEEEEVEEER is MIA for quite some time now.
    And the bitch^^ looks like a tranny whore even without the finger.

  2. vaginalroundhouse

    These types of pictures are genius.

  3. I have to admit that I really like these “you’ll know it when you see it” pictures – sometimes they are disturbing as all hell!

  4. I’m Batman

  5. ^ Shhhhhh. You are not Batman, you are just lonely. Squiffy, yeah, once i made a pretty pattern out of my jizz, when I saw Jesus’ face in it, I literally shit myself laughing.

  6. Fat and lonely, still Batman though

  7. Forever ever?

  8. And then?

  9. Codename Dutchess

    Her friend’s thumb doesnt make her looking like a tranny,the fact that she looks like a tranny makes her look like a tranny.

  10. She doesn’t look THAT bad. I mean yeah, after a couple of drinks, it might get confusing but then you’d fuck it anyway ‘cos that’s what penis’ are for. Like dildo’s…you think they care what they’re being poked into? No! They’re just happy they’re being used.

  11. @crusty – sexy! Did the shit have any interesting pattern in it too? That would’ve been one heck of a holy experience.

    I have just returned from spending a good couple of hours on a website that consists solely of these “when you see it, you’ll shit bricks” pictures…

  12. The shit was just mashed up a bit ‘cos I was sat down. I’m never any good at them…I spend ages tryin’ to find something and get bored so end up googling for the fucking answer like a cheesy bell end and that’s just humiliating.

  13. Question, why are his/her pants off?

  14. @Blarg: (assuming you are serious) they aren’t, that’s the guy’s arm and hand that makes it appear to be her pants are off and “her” wang hanging out

  15. @squiffy – I would like to know what this site is that you speak of. I need more of these pictures 😛

  16. Sexy timeeeee *Borat voice

  17. Ah I now see that the hand is not forming from the girls waist but is indeed connected from fat bitch to drink.

  18. Wow. I love this page. Not too much stuff every week, hilarious, comments and smart users (mostly). Thumbs up for Lamebook!

  19. I got nothin’, but I really want to say how much I just fucking love everything about this picture.

  20. Amazing.

  21. The trannies on the right and center are hot.

    The chick on the left…eh.

  22. Lol… sweet

  23. HOLY CRAP. O____O

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