Monday, October 31, 2011


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  1. There’s nothing funnny about Goatse

  2. I love the anal. <3

  3. ahaha ^

  4. You can be Obama, and take some of the rich people’s money and use it to help the poor like a black Robin Hood. OR you can be Ron Paul and take no money from the rich but all the money the poor have to pay for programs designed to let corporations be socially irresponsible!

  5. Ahahaha. The Obama one’s funny because it’s true…

  6. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff


  7. I used to like lamebook. now I don’t cause all they ever post is perverted stuff -.-

  8. mr.mcgruffy…this is not group therapy. no one cares.

  9. ^ Anne Frank is right.

  10. I’m with you mcfuckknuckle. it seems as though it’s been brought out by a mom and pop company. now, all the posts are from uptight soccer moms waiting at school to pick up the kids whilst all fantasizing about the single latino dad finger fucking them and their dried out clam shells into oblivion. and another thing, I think stever is on the lamebook payroll to make this shit appear funnier than it is…

  11. Politics in lamebook.
    Because this tread did not suck enough already.

  12. Do you guys ever hear yourselves when you reply to each other?
    10. “Im with you mcfuckknuckle”

  13. @mario Go die. You suck.

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