Monday, March 26, 2012


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  1. Stupid cunt…

  2. This doesn’t make sense for the fact she would call a sex position “virgin”. Her reasoning for having her legs closed waiting FOR THE NEXT RIGHT ONE means she will wait for the right guy to open her legs again. FAIL to the bitch in her comments for trying to be quippy ! 😀

  3. Then it should be called the “temporarily not a whore”.

  4. Mary? Is that you?

  5. i’m with gungalagunga on this one, i think you are giving way too much credit to her thewhaler.

  6. she did say waiting for the “next” right person to come along. as we all know, you don’t find Mr Right every day. once a week though? you betcha!

  7. Doesn’t sound like much sex is going on in that position. Thats like me saying my favorite TV show is when a good comes on. Then my friend comments, “Didn’t you just watch the last season of Lost?” I reply, “yea, so?”………..I did’nt much get it either folks.

  8. Testicles.

  9. Celibate ≠ virgin.

  10. This person is SMART. So she should stay a “virgin”

  11. Most virgins, aren’t virgins because they’re waiting for ‘the right person’.

  12. Oh, that’s so pathetic. Tell it again.

  13. just you, eh flamsie?

  14. He is waiting for the right person… someone who can stand to look at his face without gagging.

  15. someone should tell him blind people have been invented.

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