Friday, March 23, 2012

Well Done!

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  1. First!!

  2. People need to stop using fucking hashtags on Facebook..

  3. Agreed. Not you smithy, raydog.

  4. smithyithy, some people have their Twitter account set up to automatically post their tweets to Facebook also.

  5. I guess some do, but 99% of people I see using them on Facebook definitely don’t..
    It used to be just using stars like *awkward* but now they hashtag as if it actually does something.

  6. ^people use hashtags here, too.
    No – I don’t know why.

  7. I have Schizophrenia. I can safely say the first one is a complete and utter fail. Schiz has nothing to do with split personality disorder, lol. Douche.

  8. i’ve even heard people SAY “hashtag” in spoken conversation. awful trend

  9. Nomatron, shhh! They’ll hear you!

  10. Lol, you’re hilarious. Like I haven’t heard that one before.

  11. Dude, you don’t want to fuck with a schizo. Trust me.

  12. I also have schizophrenia #psychologicalillness. I’m about to smoke some Crystal meth #makingitbetter

  13. #niggasbeactinggayasfuck

  14. What the fuck is wrong with you, maybecakes?

  15. how did an innocent penis thread go so wrong. i blame rap music.

  16. ^also the breakdown of the family unit (probably after too many of oobie’s dismal ‘Family Movie Nights’).

  17. At least they were mildly funny this time

  18. First one is in the wrong category. That’s a fail, not a job well done. What does being a schizo have to do with multiple personalities? -_-

  19. #thisthreadsucks

  20. Nothing, multiple persona’s have NOTHING to do with Schizophrenia, christ, at least not mine…nor being severely bi-polar. People not familiar with the clinical side of mental health generally are poorly informed about any said state.

  21. You pack of muppets ruined the first one for me! I thought it was funny until you all had to get technical and break it down mental-illness correct on me! #assholes

  22. But even Con knew he was mistaken, he told himself he didn’t have schizophrenia. He would know.

  23. Con doesn’t know shit. He’s a fucking loon.

  24. I love penis.

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  27. spo

  28. ^ *Spooge.

  29. speaking of which… am i the only one with an ad for juicy cooter popping up all the time?

  30. #boredtodeath

  31. ^promises promises…

  32. comments have taken a bit of a dive recently, anyone wanna spice it up with something hilarious and painful that happened to them?

  33. BeboStunnah2kai12

    Go fuck yourself Crusty, nothing but a gowl.

  34. crusty,

    I have a rash.

  35. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    aren’t painful things hilarious by default? Like Sammy in an industrial size blender….

  36. ^Awww think someone got a crush on Sammy:-)

  37. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    ^OMG how did you figure that one out? Sammy! DTF?

  38. BeboStunnah2…kai12. In an attempt to abbreviate “2012” you have in fact made it longer. Gold star for you.

    Using a word to derogoratise (yeah go fuck yourself before you all start) the female genitalia when I am crusty love lips, by my own proclamation, really make you sound like a fucking idiot.
    Luckiy for me I know that the only people who use bebo are 12 year old fat chicks who took a lucky photo and managed to mask their whale-like torsos and fuck-ugly faces. Oh, and homosexuals.

    As for your request, sun is shining, weather is sweeeeeeeet ya. I intend to.

    I guess all painful things are funny, unless it happens to you, yesterday I hit my knuckle with a hammer. That wasn’t funny. What sort of rash Walter?

  39. BeboStunnah2kai12

    They would not be so crusty if you fucked yourself more often though.

  40. Crusty with dried blood from trying weird and wonderful things. My other points still stand.

  41. Go fuck yourself Crusty, nothing but a gowl.

  42. I think you mean gool.

  43. nah. I was derogatising female genitalia.

  44. ^ I see what you did there. Best you got huuuuuuuuh?

  45. I love how paranoid you’ve become, crusto.

  46. I created an account just so I could say this:

    Schizophrenia does not include a break in memory. That is a symptom associated with dissociative personality disorder. Where different streams of consciousness take over at different points and you are unaware of losses in time. NOT schizophrenia.

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