Friday, August 19, 2011

I Think…

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  1. Does anyone still use a phone for calling people? How 19th Century

  2. Steeeever!

  3. If you haven’t tried this yet you really should creepiest facebook app ever!!

  4. hootie the blowfish

    So does anyone know what Abby actually meant? Like, what does she mean by “YouTube videos” exactly, and what else she might expect people to do with a YouTube account?

  5. She means that they don’t put their own videos they just add videos from youtube to their account.

    However her comment was still pretty dense because she didn’t factor in that some people make YouTube accounts to comment on videos.

  6. I think she is talking about people that repost videos that already exist as Youtube videos. It is pretty annoying when you are searching for a popular video, and there are like 50 versions of it, just because people want to claim those videos as their own, or they just want to have a lot of videos in their profile. I understood what she meant… Or at least I think i did

  7. vaginalroundhouse

    I don’t like the videos people post of them just sitting in front of a camera crying about something. Except for the guy complaining about Britney and her return, which was funny, most are just a bunch of $hit. However I do like the strip shows people post of themselves.

  8. I hate it when people come on Lamebook to read the posts and comments.

    Everyone knows the whole point of Lamebook is to find the link to all the Emma Watson pictures.

  9. vaginalroundhouse

    I agree with Samwise but what I don’t agree is with Emma Watson. I’d rather look up the secret of ninja girls.

  10. Abby: right intentions, wrong path.

  11. The last one made me lol.

  12. I can understand. I hate when people come to my website, and all they do is read my blog.

    Leave a comment, jerkwads.

  13. My YT channel may be small, but it’s mine.

  14. i hate it when people get a youtube account and all the do is make response videos badmouthing some video and all the do is go “ummmm, i watched your video….and all i can say is….what the hell…ummm…get a life dude…(pushes hair out of eyes) …um dude, like you make the lamest videos like, (flicks hair out of eyes) like you are such a loser and ummm……like get a life.

    i dont Youtubemuch but icant get enough of Pruane2forever (when he did live cheesy action videos, notwhen his dumbass 14 year old self gives movie reviews.) chekd him out and the response videos trying to mock the kid and youll see.

  15. Honestly, hate it when people have and use the internet. Lame.

  16. I think she tried talking about ppl that make youtube accounts just for the sake of commenting on videos. Im ashamed to admit that I have one just for that right now but i’ll put up some videos eventually….but not likely. xp

  17. I hate that I had to make a YouTube account just so I can see videos with people getting shot, and boobs, and homemade bong tutorials.

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