Thursday, January 6, 2011

“Hump” Day

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  1. Please. Stop.

  2. Stever!

  3. I wish Evan and Erik had friended there moms.

    Super Nintendo Chalmerssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss FTW!

  4. Make that FTL. 🙁

  5. how is it that an obvious setup wordplay is ‘funny’?

  6. it’s funny if you stop reading after the second one.

  7. I liked “trump day” myself.

  8. Both of them must have been posting on chump day.

  9. to be honest, i loved the three last comments, haha. especially trump day, made me chuckle.

  10. Not too bad, but they are trying too hard…

  11. Gump day made me laugh for some reason, but it was mostly just annoying..

  12. I almost laughed but then I remembered that for me every day is grump day. 🙁

  13. I’m going to hell for laughing at Gump day

  14. You nearly let youself down Water.

    Stump day was my favourite. I like these guys 🙂

  15. A thought occurred to me, forgive me if someone has already mentioned this.

    What if people started doing what mattymc was doing, but with lamebook, particularly in the comments section of the site of the list of awful things? It could be done elsewhere or anywhere, and it would most definitely be annoying as hell, but whoring oneself out in such a way might be a good way to help the lamebook legal fund, and just generally popularize the site…which would in turn help out the lamebook legal fund more.


  16. Pep, I noticed in a recent post that mattymc commented and didn’t put the link. Just let sleeping dogs lie.

    I like when you say my name curly. It’s refreshing.

  17. I fucked your mom then wrote some shitty ass puns and they got submitted to lamebook under the misapprehension they passed as funny, must be slump day.

    Either that or they’re cunts.

  18. Oops!

  19. You did it again. You played with my <4

  20. I’m going to leave now in case anybody responds to that.

  21. I didn’t mean as revenge. I just mean that the blue bar on the side of the screen looks like it will seriously never reach all the way to the right without some “oomph” (ie. hardcore propaganda campaign on lots of peoples’ internets)

    He was probably right when he said that, as much as people hate that anywhere one goes, it actually does make people go to the link.

  22. Using the ultra scientific method of ruler across screen, I have estimated the amount raised to be around the $3000 mark.

    @Pep – For some reason I read ‘hardcore propaganda’ as ‘hardcore pornography’ which ultimately would be better, just sayin’.

  23. He does have a point, Pep.

  24. My cursor tells me $3080, then my mind tells me, “imminent demise.”

    But yes, pornography is good, I don’t disagree.

  25. hey cool game!

    Given half a chance I would tie this pair of cunts up and force my engorged spewing cock relentlessly down their protesting throats. I would then try to drown them with a congealed mass of my chunky spunk.

    Their likely to never forget spunk clump day.

  26. aww, word, why are you on lamebook on a lovely Friday night? Why don’t we get together for little while? You can come over to my house. I’ll make you a nice cup of tea. Then you can watch my baby so I can take my wife out. What do you say?

  27. Walt, that is an extremely tempting offer, but I’ll have to pass. I like babies, I really do, but if your baby woke up and needed attending to, I wouldn’t be able to help he/she. I can’t lift anything heavier than 2 kilos at the moment. Also, I’m under the influence of mind-altering substances. I wouldn’t let me near a baby right now. I appreciate the need for you guys to get out (I’ve been there), but you’ll have to get yourself a sitter elsewhere. Imammofo is around. Ask him.

    Anyway, it’s heat pack time…

  28. mofo, sorry. Spelled your name wrong. Don’t hit me.

  29. Don’t worry i wont take it out on you wordy… i’ll vent on the next kids i’m left in charge of instead.

    Walter I run a very well respected child disposal service, keen competitive rates and a very satisfied customer base. Get in touch.

  30. Word, I never see you on here at this time.

    I didn’t think this post was funny in the slightest until Evan broke out blump day. Not to mention it was a jump the shark moment from there on out.

    2 out of 5 for the post.
    4 out of 5 for the comments.

  31. It’s alright. We gave the whinging brat 200ml of formula and left it on its back. It’ll be fine. Party time!

  32. Baby or no baby, I’m just jealous is already Friday night there 🙁

  33. curly, I finish in 20 mins (13.00 GMT), rest assured that when I am poisoning my body with copious amounts of alcohol by 13.30, I will not be thinking of anyone but myself.

  34. Damn it. I’m off out for pub lunch to knock a couple of wines into me. But I’ve to come back to work. Roll on the evening!

  35. Oh, man… It’s 8:15 am here. Still have a long while to go.
    I’d hate you guys, but it might take too much of what energy I have. Dammit!

    Walter : duct tape is the best babysitter

  36. wandr where are you? I feel slightly better about things after hearing that!

  37. I’ll give you a hint :
    I live in an igloo in the winter and cut down trees with my axe in the summer.

    Yep, you’ve guessed it : I’m a fucking Canadian stuck in a snowstorm (this last bit is crucial as it explains my bad mood… that and lack of sex)

  38. Lads, better than it being passed lunch time and all you have to look forward to for the rest of the afternoon AND evening is the steadily multiplying amount of study to be done for the next week and a half…

    Though I do prefer my situation to wandr’s… at least I can get laid when I find the energy

  39. Lol wandr. God love you 🙂

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