Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hurricane Snooki

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  1. If Snooki & Kim Kardashian were stuck in a burning building, & you could only save one, would you do laundry or read the paper?

  2. ^ I’d get my ass out of the burning building! Why the hell would you do laundry in there?

    But if I absolutely had to save one, it would be Kim. She’s hotter. Fake, but still hotter. That’s shallow. So what?

  3. Has to be the first time Snooki actually pushed a guy OUT of her vagina.

  4. Nice that they took Conan O’Brian’s joke and claimed it as their own.

  5. Yawn.

  6. what?

  7. I heard that her delivery was routine. After her vodka broke, the baby just staggered out.

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