Tuesday, December 4, 2012


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  1. Why did she get sprayed? Was she on fire? Maybe it was an accident? When I go into DMV an there’s a black person in line, I make sure that there are a few people separating us so i dont have to talk to them. I don’t understand a lot of the brother talk. But I wouldn’t just spray them with a hose.


  2. poweredtoastman, shut up.

  3. powdered, why would anyone in a DMV want to talk to you?
    are you one of those people that hangs out in public places in the hopes someone/anyone will talk to you?

  4. How does one mouth a hush?

    Or was the OP supposed to say, “mouth hushed”?

  5. Your mom.

  6. Why do people feel the need to bring up race all the time? This person could easily have told this story without mentioning that they were all black.

  7. Berkely Hunt, my name is not powdered. It is Powderedtoastman, and you should address me as such, you fucking maggot.

  8. Frankenstein, race is obviously pertinent since the woman was telling the men that she had been a part of the civil rights movement and she did not appreciate the way they were now ( in her opinion) abusing those rights.

  9. Oh Beatus, I can think of a few ways to hush a mouth! 😀

  10. Hello mamad847!! Have you ever been fishing? Fishing is fun.

  11. It’s called trolling #youredoingitwrongeitherway

  12. ^Get back in the sack, buddy! You’re not fooling anyone with those googly eyes!

  13. Capn, I know how to hush a mouth. I don’t know how to mouth a hush. Can someone show me?

  14. If we name your penis ‘hush’, I can mouth it?

  15. I’ll just..uh..leave you two alone in your cabin while I go gather supplies for the trip…Here’s the key btw…lol

  16. Sounds good to me. You will mouth my hush, I will hush your mouth, but my mouth will probably not be very hush.

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