Friday, January 11, 2013

I Feel Your Pain…

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  1. Actually, that’s quite good. Thanks lamebook.

  2. I’m scared, Dave. Will I dream? Daaaaaaave…

  3. <3

    Oh, and don't forget you need to be able to recall every syllable, versal, lower case character, space and punctuation mark infallibly, no matter how many years will pass before you need to use it again.
    Have fun! 😀

  4. HAHA you’re dating yourself a bit there, ‘goose, but that’s clever as shite 🙂

    btw, how the hell do i get HAL to let me edit my LB profile.. pic etc, like you?

  5. Gravatar dot com.

    I’m not ashamed of my age.

    By the way, in case you didn’t know, there’s a sale on sex toys – $2.95. I figured I’d spread the word.

  6. just before I looked at the check for $9318, I accept that…my… sister was actualy earning money in their spare time from there pretty old laptop.. there neighbour started doing this less than twenty months and at present cleared the depts on there mini mansion and purchased a top of the range Renault 5. I went here-=-=- BIT40.cøm -=-=-=-

  7. Quite accurate

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