Friday, January 11, 2013

What if…

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  1. This is her brain in drugs…

  2. Just the same as her brain without drugs.

  3. My guess is that it would be very difficult to remember where you hid your weed if that happened.

  4. And what if that Friday really fell on a Monday on Halloween? 4/20, Friday th 13th, Monday, and Halloween all in one. Lena might be onto somethng here.

  5. Setting aside the fact that this is completely illogical, what if it was? So what? What’s the tie-in here, weed and bad luck?

  6. lena is the only one giving these comments a thumbs down.

  7. If you think Joan`s story is impressive…, four weaks-ago my brother’s best friend basically got a cheque for $4619 just sitting there thirteen hours a week at home and their best friend’s step-aunt`s neighbour done this for 10-months and broght in over $4619 in their spare time from there pc. applie the tips available here-=-=- BIT40.cøm -=-=-=-

  8. The fact that she used 4/20 just means she’s a druggie. Doesn’t tie in to the fact that she’s an idiot, which was the point of the submission.

  9. looks like lamebook forgot to blur the name and picture this time

  10. Bahahaha first I thought this was stupid but then I thought about it and realized that it’s pretty damn funny.

  11. Changing 4/20 to 4/13 and slapping an overused meme under it is considered funny now? When the fuck did this happen? Yeah, man, that’s fucking hilarious. Hell, that’s almost as funny as laying on your back, throwing your legs up above your head and jerking it so you can catch your load in your mouth. I lol’d my burnt out, pot smoking ass off!

    I don’t think smoking weed makes you any more of a druggie than smoking a cigarette or drinking yourself silly on a Sunday night, though. So, fuck off and go suck a dick if ya’s got something against people who like to chill out and smoke a joint every now’n’then. Anyone here who thinks marijuana is a bad evil addictive drug is in for a big fucking surprise, because, a lot more people smoke it than you’re willing to open up your eyes and realize.

  12. Without weed, we wouldn’t have great songs like I Am The Walrus.

  13. # 7, what the hell is a step-aunt?

  14. What did the Pink Panther say when he stepped on an ant?
    Dead ant.
    Dead ant.
    Dead ant dead ant dead ant dead ant dead aaaaant…

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