Friday, March 8, 2013

I Just…

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  1. Are u from ur mum’s sh*t locker?

  2. That is how the French dress.. and drink.

  3. That is how the French prostitutes dress. How fucking old are they?! Their parents must be proud…if they’re conscious of course.

  4. Not sure how old they are but the girl o the left has got an ass!

  5. Definitely would enjoy having all 4 of them on their knees in front of you, finishing by spraying all over 8 tits. And this could be done in Paris, Nairobi, Hong Kong…doesn’t matter.

  6. It’s possible that one of the girls is indeed from Paris, she’s just wasn’t in Paris when this picture was taken.

  7. I call trailer park

  8. Paris, TX, definitely.

  9. She meant Paris, KY.

  10. You’d think the person submitting this would black out their picture in the “comment box” so that no one finds out she’s the attention seeking bitch..

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