Thursday, March 7, 2013


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  1. If I get a bunch of thumbs down my mom will bang all of you without protection! Yeah!

  2. So how many likes did the cunt get?

  3. Looks like she took his wedding ring as well.

  4. @ wte5874 – That’s disgusting. Who would want that?

  5. coming from the guy wearing baby blue (turquoise) shorts = gay

  6. ABR sucks, go listen to Parkway Drive.

  7. There’s a cock in this picture. Can you find it?

  8. Hasn’t this “craze” been and gone? (Good riddance by the way.)

  9. What a silly thing to say. She never had any testicles to start with, but she really does need to shave. Fucking queen.

  10. I can’t see a cock Jessi, just a massive vagina.

  11. ^A massive vagina? Something that can take a pounding and make grown men cry?

  12. Vaginas don’t make men cry, it’s the lips on their face that do that.

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