Monday, September 17, 2012

I Put A Spell On You

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  1. Fuck.

  2. Well, it’s a good thing Chelsea’s English teacher doesn’t hate her today.

  3. ^are you sure about that? put yourself in the teacher’s shoes.

  4. I’d be wary of anyone who was planning on meating me. I wouldn’t know whether to be scared or aroused.

  5. That was pretty fresh!

  6. She knows for sure that he’s going to hate her tomorrow, AFTER their “meating.” She can’t even do THAT right.

  7. Frankie, would you be scared if I were going to meat you?

  8. ‘prepair’ – technique of gluing fake balls to oneself prior to sex change surgery eg “Shane really likes balls across his nose when he eats me out so I’m heading home to prepair”

  9. Renaldo – Even when he spells its wrong he still gets it right!

  10. beatus, I would be honoured for you to meat me.

  11. Where’s Mrsbeatusmongous when you need her?

  12. why, cutting up my wedding photos burning that rotten bastard’s suits, my dear.

    he promised me…!

  13. Cock suckers, all of you.

  14. As stupid as people are nowadays, everyone probably DID cheat off the dummy, thus establishing a new “standard”, because “everyone’s equal”, riiiiiiiiiiiight???


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