Monday, September 17, 2012



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  1. Happy endngs for most? Either she’s found another Shakespeare or William worked part time as a masseur.

  2. *endings

  3. Dad also found your vibrator, Meghan.

  4. … inside your Mom, Meghan.

  5. Fake.

  6. Drunk driving is not winning.

  7. Bah, learn how to take a joke the way you take a dick, darkknight.

    Besides, haven’t you ever directed a taxi driver to a drive through window? When I’m smashed is the only time I can stomach that greasy “food”. The joke is not necessarily about drink driving.

  8. Actually, I was just making a joke as well; anti-humor.

  9. it wasn’t the least funny thing I’ve ever read here, in fact it wasn’t even the least funny thing that I’ve read here in the last five minutes.
    It was just stupid. What the hell else is one supposed to eat if you’re too smashed to cook breakfast?

  10. The tequila worm?

  11. Helmet.

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