Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Saw the Sign

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  1. Ummm…corn hole’s a game.

  2. ChocolateChipCookie

    omg it says anus lolroflmaoroflcopter HILARIOUS

  3. The first one was great! I wondered how they managed to slip that past the DMV.

  4. I was actually kind of intrigued by the last one, so I googled Village Anusara. I got even more interested when they mentioned their Wanderlust festival, but alas, I got all excited for nothing.

    Village idiots.

  5. The first one wins so much it deserves a free hand-job. I almost forgot what it feels like to actually laugh at one of these posts.

    @Slippy I think the DMV only bans swear words not acronyms.

  6. talk about your “rub joints”

  7. I want that license plate…damn it.

    Jeezus … what goes on during ‘Largest Corn Hole Days’? It falls on my birthday this year I noticed…Hmm maybe I should go.

  8. @Word, Wanderlust Festival sounds great what is it about?

  9. that better be a good hand job.

    hmmm talking bout hand jobs the best one i had was from a girl in Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch…. no kidding that the name of the town… google it, i hope its not a pic of nekkid me on google!

  10. I’m surprised garages selling hand jobs aren’t far more popular in Manchester.

    Hi, I’m ignorant and far too lazy to use Google. Could somebody explain to me what 420 is?

  11. Hobo its a subcultural holiday where people celebrate smoking pot.It started from some kids in california who would go smoke everyday after school

  12. Not to argue yo.. I heard ‘420’ is a police code (somewhere) for a suspect smoking pot… and it progressed from there to the April 4 ‘holiday’ (more of a day of respect) and also the daily 4:20 p.m. ‘partaking’ … ah, who knows I just love the shit..

  13. I meant the April 20 …’holiday’.

    4:20 was almost 2 hours ago, forgive me.

  14. Hobo, that would be because there are plenty of people in Manchester willing to give them for free.

  15. Damn, I need to find out where that carwash is, get me a spit shine.

  16. Might take a bit longer than the 5 minutes for the hand job, but I don’t mind.

  17. That might be the best handjob in the north, but it comes nowhere close to Vicky’s Handjob Emporium in Bristol.

    I think the guy on the left may be enjoying the Village Anus sign a little bit too much.

  18. @BritishHobo 420 is the integer after 419, and coincidentally also the integer prior to 421. It is the lowest integer which is the sum of two “seaweed numbers”, where “seaweed number” is defined as either the number 2 or 418. 420 is also of use in time-telling, in which case it’s written with a colon, like this: 4:20. 4:20 is the minute after 4:19, and coincidentally also the minute prior to 4:21.

  19. @slippyslappy: They didn’t. That’s a Wisconsin plate, and WI plates have 3 letters, a dash, and 3 numbers. It was a randomly generated plate, which may or may not make it more awesome.

  20. Hah – I drive past that carwash every day on the way to and from work. Still makes me lol.

  21. I’ve seen that garage! It has a wide reputation (if you live near or often go to Manchester, or know people who do). Why does it have a USA flag though?

  22. @flaps, you just wasted 30 seconds of my life 🙁

    Will someone please explain to this non-yank the significance of the license plate?

  23. isglory: cornhole is a game BUT it also means butt sex

  24. i live not even 2 mins away from ‘the best hand jobs’ in the north. and i’m so so horribly happy that it is on here. i feel almost complete.

    i almost hate to point out that – the handjob thing is meant to sound exactly like that. for customer enticing and for free advertisement on

  25. call me comedically savvy or just very very childish, but i lol’d @ 9 and 18.

  26. holy shit cursormortis, that’s awesome! That actually makes it even more special!

  27. Licenses plate: 420-FTW.
    Translation: Smoke Weed For The Win

  28. Finally, a funny post.
    @Flaps, best comment yet

  29. @flaps, 420 is also one out of just three whole numbers which when divided by two are between 209 and 211. Freaky or what?

  30. Lindcee: you spelled buttsecks wrong.

  31. Where is this car wash? Manchester, I gather from comments? Why am I not there? I could be enjoying myself immensely!

  32. christopherlovet

    Sorry, mass, 420 has never been a police code.
    Here’s some nifty info on it:

  33. That carwash is down the road from my uni!
    woop woop!

  34. ha I live right by that car wash.. It makes me chuckle daily

  35. Yes. and i live next to that penguin in Antarctica from all those funny videos on youtube.

  36. @flaps, #18, you must be smoking. If 2 is a seaweed number then the sum 2 and 2 is 4, which would be the lowest sum of two seaweed numbers. 420 would be the lowest sum of two ~distinct~ seaweed numbers.

  37. Dawn of the Dan

    I’m a Wisconsinite, so the first one got me laughing pretty hard. It is indeed possible for that to be a randomly generated WI plate number.

  38. …Oh, Wisconsin. This is not the first time I’ve seen a license plate that probably shouldn’t have been approved.

  39. the first ones kinda white trashy,420 ftw,looks like a license plate a juggalo would get…but maybe thats just where im from..

    the best hand job in the north,ahahahaha,whoever owns that place is either not that bright or very smart..

  40. oh & 420 is a term taken from some high school kids in like the 60’s or 70’s,its the time they would meet to smoke pot,so 420 became like code,it spread,the guy from high times heard it,or knew the kids,whatever whatever,he put it int he magazine,and bam..thats it…its just the time to get as well as april,20 being ‘weed day’ or whatever you want to call it…
    and ftw means fuck the world…
    sp,there you go

  41. 420 is the time that a group of high school students from Cali ( I believe) would smoke pot after school decades ago!

    FTW = For the Win, not Fuck the world^^^^

  42. Ftw means for the win in this case I believe.

  43. They have those “best hand job” car washes all over the place, it’s not worth a picture.

  44. idk,where im at,it’s most commonly known as fuck the world.which is why i think some juggalo,white trash/bro belongs to that license plate.smoke weed,fuck the world.

  45. Wow that sounds like an uneducated statement. Juggalo, white trash, and bro. Nice comment. It’s ‘For The Win’.

  46. juggalos,white trash people and bros,where im from,all use the term FTW: fuck the i shouldve thrown an or in there,my bad.

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