Wednesday, October 8, 2014


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  1. Where’s Stever?

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  3. The Beast Among Us

    @1 – He’s holding those tests.

  4. So. My ex-girlfriend got pregnant. I fixed that. Sneak in on her, bag over her head so she didn’t knew it was me, and a good punch to the sack.

    Baby gone, everyone was happy. Well. Except for her.

  5. Dane, you’re against rape, but for causing miscarriages?

  6. The Beast Among Us

    Dane never said he was against rape. He was just warning people about reasons why he would be willing to rape them.

  7. I don’t do rapes. Other people do. It was all about warning you folks!
    And I’m against the birth of un-wanted children.

  8. That makes more sense. Sort of agree on the second point, too. Not being born is probably better than having shit parents..

  9. Yep. ^^^

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