Monday, December 2, 2013

If I Ever…

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  1. Sigh…

  2. More likely to tell people they were saved by a F’in weirdo geek….

  3. I wish someone from the future would tell lamebook not to repost

  4. Hey, Lamebook Wankers! Stop reposting!

    I’m not from the future, but I hope that helps.

  5. Yawn. Had potential for good line, but he seemed to have stuffed it. To long winded perhaps??

  6. ^Too (4 da gramR Nazi)

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  8. If you keep being such a nerd, it’s your own fault, if the only sex you get is from rape.

  9. Paradox fail? How would his great great great grandson be important if he wasn’t saved by future guy yet?

  10. ^Entirely too cerebral for the current forum. Right now, (probably more than) one of this idiots is wondering what a parrot ox is…

  11. ^It’s ‘These idiots’ you stupid queer…

  12. Ripley, you haven’t really watched the Terminator-movies, have you?

    Rest assure, the machines will come!

  13. ^ I guess I was too busy getting an education.

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