Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I’m Burning for You

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  1. I have to disagree Gabe. I think it depends on what guy and girl you’re talking about.

  2. As in some sluts spend a lot of time on dicks, and some men use their condoms frequently because of how often they sleep around. 🙂


  4. Sorry Stever, I beat you…twice. Although I don’t care and wasn’t trying. 🙂

  5. FhsGirl dont lie, you tried your hardest

  6. If I had cared about being first I would’ve done one of those LAME first to comment things. 🙂

  7. Nope, FHsGirl. You didn’t do a first comment thing because you want it to look like you didn’t care, but in fact you posted twice JUST TO MAKE SURE. Don’t lie. DON’T LIE.

  8. The other day I got the first comment and I just said my name because I don’t really understand what the game is. Nobody was impressed and I left the experience feeling emptier than before.

  9. Yeah exactly. You were just playing it cool and shrugging off being first. Your smooth

  10. His smooth what?

  11. Haha I made a grammar joke. I should be on Lamebook.

  12. I was merely clarifying my first comment for the slower folks out there.

  13. ………..huh??

  14. I was responding to comment #7. Sorry.

  15. ……..Huh??

  16. You’re an idiot. 🙂 I made my comment about the post. I’m done.

  17. Aw. Maybe if Gabe wasn’t a fat mouth-breather who thinks people can be bought he’d have an actual girlfriend instead a string of prostitutes in his past.

  18. We’ll, both of these statements are true.

  19. every time boomstick comments i yell BOOMSTICK at my computer.. it’s just fun to say.

  20. you guys are ridiculous, this is one of the best facebook comments ever. he put that bitch in her place. no biggy, fist bump let me shotgun a natty in honor of this pimp

  21. Careful you don’t jar your askew visor or un-pop your polo’s collar whilst shotgunning that Natty gabooga.

  22. It was decent

  23. @evan #8, that was the game. It’s a long con really, where we draw you in, then suck away your will to go on.

  24. I don’t geddit. I’ve never known a girl living in my wallet or on my dick. :-S

  25. Girls are like big fat fucking whores who rip out your heart and pour Tabasco into the wound. Rotten, angry, demonic skanks with nothing to offer the actual people of this world. Venomous, soul-sucking beasts with no emotions, who feed on the kindness of a nice guy who wanted nothing more than to make her happy. PLEASE COME BACK JENNY!

  26. Mmmmmm, Tabasco.

  27. Soup ftw!

    (In the meantime, the evil botch that I am is feeding on your anguish)

  28. Don’t lie, FHsGirl.

  29. Dammit! I’m trying to correct that *b*tch and mods won’t let me.
    I shall forever be an eveil botch, now

  30. evil* merde!

  31. Mauricio thinks he has a shot with Karissa. How cute.

  32. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I was about to point that out Stretch

  33. I wonder if FHsgirl is salty under the knees.

  34. Mauricio is a faggit.

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