Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Not Gettin’ Through

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  2. i can’t math, either. i can’t math OR chemistry.

  3. Honestly, these “one guy correcting the other guys grammar and the corrected person not understanding what’s going on” posts are kind of repetitive. There’s gotta be something more out there that lamebook receives…

  4. At least the person left at tip… stupid and nice is a lot better than stupid, cheap, and rude.

  5. Com’mon now Rawnuh…..

  6. shiiit, sorry. next time…

  7. Yeah, @hpcan, and a decent tip at that(31%). maybe all the people that can math are cheap?

  8. That’s more than 31%, actually. The tip is based on the subtotal, not including tax. If the tax is 8% (random guess) then the tip is really over 42%.

  9. * 2.66

  10. i never put a value in the tip row of a bill. the waiter has to earn it somehow. surely bringing a plate to me and taking it away isn’t worth $2.70

  11. I never not tip, even if i don’t get something to eat…It is rude to walk into a place where 95% of the money someone makes is in tips and not leave one

  12. i love you, hawkbit. belardi, servers don’t just bring a plate and take it away. how about remembering your drinks first, bringing your drinks, taking your order, bringing your food, checking up on your drinks, checking to see how the food is, bringing you something else because somebody at the table probably forgot to order something, checking in on you again, and attempting to gage every customer you have on the timeliness they want everything done, but doing this with not just your table, but 10 other ones as well.

    all with a smile.

    tell me that’s not worth $2.70.

  13. I’m all for people correcting others’ grammar, but Wyatt’s first correction about meanings/stories was nitpicky and stupid even by my nitpicky standards.

    belardi, having never met you I can’t say for sure, but you might be a bit of an asshole.

  14. Belardi clearly you have never been a waiter/waitress, host/hostess, or worked in a restaurant at all ever before in your entire life. Must be nice.

    I’ve had nearly every job imaginable and restaurant jobs have always been the hardest and most shitty.

  15. Try working in a coffee shop and rembering all the drink orders when you are busy and getting 5 or 6 peoples coffee orders and iced coffees and along with slimline milk and soya and every other sandwich they want and having to keep an eye on tables making sure they are clean.

    I hate cheaps cunts who put their change of 20 cent into their wallet, would it hurt them to be nice to me when i have to pretend being friendly and listening to their shit jokes.

    Fuck customers

  16. For you Belardi i would give you full fat milk if you asked for slim milk, because im petty like that you cheap bastard

  17. For everyone that doesn’t know, a minimum for food is two dollars if 20% is less than 2 bucks, and a dollar a drink minimum for bar orders. If you loved your sever, 30% is more appropriate, 15% if it sucked and you want to kick them. I don’t work in a restaurant or bar by the way, I’m just not an asshole like belardi.
    Remember these people make like $2 an hour before tips and work their asses off for it.

  18. Lauren would have gotten $1 less from me. $10.00 on that bill is what my server would have gotten.

    So I guess I don’t follow anne’s rules on tipping etiquette.

  19. I also don’t tip in change; I always round up to the nearest dollar.

  20. I am not so sure about 30%. These “rules” are things I have never heard of.

    The tip is BEFORE tax? Since when? I haven never know anyone (including other servers) to count the tip before tax. That makes no sense. The serves are taxed, so what… they also have to make up for the tax that we take out of their tip?

    In response to the post, I think the guy is hilarious. “I can’t math.” At least he gave her a decent tip and didn’t screw her over. At least he wasn’t being a jerk and tip her 50 cents or something because “he can’t do math.”

    I might do this on my next check. Shoot, I am going out tonight… I’ll do it then.

  21. The correct rules for tipping are as follows:

    A cup–15%
    B cup–20%
    C cup–25%
    D cup–30%

  22. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    I tip quite generously when I’m in the USA, but it bugs me that these ‘rules’ are creeping in here in the UK (mostly because people see it on American TV shows and don’t seem to realise that the same context just doesn’t exist here).

    In the UK we have an actual minimum wage that means something – it’s £5.90 an hour, which is about US$9 – whereas minimum wage in the USA seems to be little more than a suggestion. All waitresses and servers are earning at least this. In the USA restaurants get away with paying shit wages, so tipping is appropriate. In the UK it should be something extra for having gone above-and-beyond, because staff are already earning enough to get by (not a lot, but no less than, say, a school janitor or a factory worker).

    You know what I think the problem is? Restauranteurs. They’ve created a culture where it seems to be acceptable for them to say “hey, we pay our staff shit wages that no human being can live on – you, the customer, should feel obliged to pick up the slack while I continue to abuse my staff.” I wish they’d just charge more for food and pay a reasonable wage; life would be so much simpler.

    I do, however, concur with ErikJ1218’s system and would like to note that, thanks to the recession causing actresses and models to be out of work, the average attractiveness of waitresses seems to have increased substantially. I approve of this.

  23. It’s always great when someone who has never lived in America or knows what they’re talking about gives us poor ignorant brutes a lesson on why tipping occurs in our country.

    Drchalk, here in the US we do have an enforced minimum wage law (around 8.50 on average, what’s that you mean just like in the UK? shocker) excluding illegal immigrants. It’s just a cultural thing in America to tip around 15%. Our waiters make more then factory workers and janitors (I suspect yours do too but I’m not FROM the UK so I won’t try and educate you on your own system because I wouldn’t know what I was talking about…good lesson)

  24. Sweet, huge boring paragraphs, Damn you chalk man.

  25. *YAWN* can i have my minute back drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff i never read as much shit that i didnt care about as that rant -__-

  26. to drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff,

    UK working conditions are horrible. I worked in a hotel for a month over Christmas as i’m traveling. we get paid 5.90 an hour and no one tips, the worst thing about it is british wankers are 100x worse than Australian wankers and they complain about everything from the prices to the quality of the food.
    your working conditions are as shitty as your banks.

  27. “Jonjones – “here in the US we do have an enforced minimum wage law (around 8.50 on average, what’s that you mean just like in the UK? shocker)”

    Know WTF you’re talking about before you start bashing other people – minimum wage does NOT apply to waitstaff. It varies from state to state, but in general waitstaff minimum wages run at 50-70% of standard minimum wage, and employers are allowed to cut 30-50% off of that for tips. In Illinois the minimum wage is just over $8/hour, but standard waitstaff minimum wage is less than $5/hour, and an employer can pay just under $3/hour (taking the tip credit). So in a state with an $8.25/hr minimum wage the actual pay for waitstaff before tip generally runs $2.95 to $3.25/ hour.

  28. Damn…someone else who knows what they’re talking abut. But really, they cut that much off in Iowa? In several of the states I’ve lived in it’s much higher. The point I was trying to illustrate is that his reasoning for why we tip isn’t that restaurant owners are all assholes and we feel sorry for their employees. Yes, I know most waiters and waitresses don’t get the full minimum wage but most make more then minimum wage anyway just off tips.

    Okay, that’s it for me on these long debates. Vincent or someone with similiar talents please come in here and make these long debates interesting.

  29. about*

  30. No, no, seriously. It’s fascinating.

    I tip. Don’t want anyone spitting in my food next time.

  31. I think there is a federal law in the US that if the tips don’t bring the wages of wait staff up to minimum wage, then the restaurant has to make up the difference.

  32. here in Australia we only tip when we want to and its not expected… Tipping is extremely rare. I used to work in a bar in Sydney and used to get tipped pretty well on weekends but probably not as much as Americans would

  33. Walter is correct. In the U.S., if a server’s tips plus their hourly wages do not, when all is said and done, equal minimum wage, the restaurant has to make up the difference.

    I just learned this today, as a matter of fact. I was in the breakroom at work and, since I forgot my Kindle, I was reading all of the posters about employee rights that are tacked up all over the walls.

  34. Yes that is true all…most servers are paid $2.63 an hour (the federal allowable amount)…some states like Connecticut have a state rate much higher (above $5)..and if you don’t make minimum wage the restaurant has to make up the difference (averaged over the ENTIRE WEEK). I am a server- and I generally make $10-$20 an hour in tips- and I still tip very well if I go out to eat, which is very rare since I now hate restaurants and the cost and other people making my food. I can tell you right away that if I only made minimum wage or slightly above it I would quit serving in a heartbeat and work at a convenience store…now matter how much you make it barely makes up for Kowtowing to all sorts of rude and slovenly people, being ass-raped by insert name here restaurant to do all these shit jobs for your $2.63 an hour, and constantly never having time to eat or take breaks when you want, etc, etc,; and having a job where sometimes you do incredible amounts of work on your feet constantly all day. I also worked at a factory and I did not even half the work you get sometimes…And you never know what is going to happen; your money can be all over the place…LONG RANT SHORT you should tip well; and feel free to engage in converse with your server we do like to meet new and interesting people of course that is the best part of the job.

  35. Or my sister wanted me to rant on this. Or I don’t have a sister. Anyhoo, someone needed to get something off their chest.

  36. A lot of sheep on this site. One jumps the rest follow: #10 may have misrepresented himself, that doesn’t make him a horrible human being becaused he doesn’t want to contribute to a stranger’s salary.

    Generally, I think I’m more sympathetic to older waiters and waitresses that are my parents age because they may have had some sort of educational disadvantage in their past, than I am to a college kid who’s working to pay rent and beer.

    Anne channel your donations to people who really deserve it like labourers, the sewage cleaner, janitor, gardner etc.

  37. *many typos ^

  38. The last thing I gave a waitress was a great big massive load of …. money, it had been an expensive meal.

  39. @MsBuzzkillington

    “The tip is BEFORE tax? Since when? I haven never know anyone (including other servers) to count the tip before tax. That makes no sense. The serves are taxed, so what… they also have to make up for the tax that we take out of their tip?”

    Absolutely. The tax on food is totally independent from state and federal income taxes. The tax on food is completely arbitrary and collected by the government. The cost of the food, however, is set by the restaurant, and that is what is tipped. You don’t tip the government. You tip the restaurant and it’s servers, hosts/hostesses, and cooks. That means you tip based on the subtotal cost of the food, not including the tax. It’s also much harder to make sense of when they only put the one number on the credit receipt. After telling somebody this justification, I would consider a server greedy for expecting to tip the “after tax” amount. And I tip around 20% + round up to the next dollar.

  40. as a server, i donate whatever i can to the local aspca here.

    if you don’t tip me, puppies and kittens will die.


  41. Wyatt is annoying.

  42. @drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Yeah, we do have a minimum wage here in the UK but it differs depending on your age. I’m working in a restaurant and get £3.64 as I’m under 18, which is bare minimum. So I’m not earning the £5.90 you suggest everyone earns. That isn’t the minimum wage until someone is 21. It’s bad money for an even worse job but tips do help. I’m sorry that I don’t come tap dancing to your table but, if I get your orders right and check that you’re enjoying your meal, would an extra couple of quid really hurt?

  43. The “I can’t math” person left a pretty good tip though.

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