Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Give It Up!

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  1. themanwhosoldtheworld

    he’s a real G, h0w can paige nodt see thhaat, yuh know. whhht is wrong with that paige. yuh knooooo thyy sooo whttt; up yuh knoooow thooo.

    🙂 I would make a good G too. any girl want to chat with me? please?

  2. His page is easy to find, though it’s private. I predict a slew of friend requests. 😀

  3. Paige is the dumbass here. If she doesn’t want to talk to talk to Dhungbeetle Jackoff she’s had nearly 2 months to block him.

    duhh. woow yuhh what’s wrong going onn wit yuhh? swear a god.

  4. But then she might not have the most fb friends in her little clique at school or whatever. Perish the thought!

  5. But then she might not have the most fb friends in her little clique at school or whatever. Perish the thought!

  6. Why did that double post?

  7. White trash ghetto wannabe douche nozzle.


  8. Artist: Oh yeah, forgot that was a huge priority for some people. Take my cousin’s niece. 15 years old, and more than 2,000 Facebook friends. She might know 400 of them in real life if she’s lucky, but hey, live “large” because you’re 15 and stuff.
    snap: Um, he’s Indian. Guess he could still WANT to be white trash though.

  9. He looks like a proper, proper prick. Fake profile time.

  10. Isn’t this just a Malik re-hash??? For the love of god, please don’t let this become a meme… god no.

  11. vaginalroundhouse

    This is a Malik re-hash only the Caucasian version. Also his name looks like Dung a Poo.

  12. It IS a rehash in a way but I think the funny difference is him coming back again and saying “I think sooo” as though his friends don’t agree with him. (In other words judging from his spelling he doesn’t realize you have to hold shift and hit enter to make a second line appear like that. )
    I do wonder if it was planned out to get on Lamebook, though…I thought the Malik one was hilarious and showed it to tons of people….hmmm

  13. Nah, the conversation took place before the Malik post was up on Lamebook. It must have come from somebody who remembered it happening to them too. I bet that’s the reason we shall start seeing more and more of these. The Malik one is like a robot chicken skit and this one is the same way and funny for different reasons. I bet it happens all the time.

  14. i fucking hate people who talk like that.

  15. oops, meant chat. bah, you guys know what i meant.

  16. Aww… he’s cute.

  17. vtec? you’re asian aren’t you..i feel sick.

  18. Delete someone you don’t want to be contacted by………
    I sent a friend request to him for shits and gigs. 😛

  19. Paige is hot and her milkshakes bring ALL the boys to the yard.

  20. attention whore paradox. brain explode.

  21. 12. Crafton. “I thought the Malik one was hilarious and showed it to tons of people”.

  22. Uh huh. Obviously his full name is Warcrafton. What a dick.

  23. Paige is a “player-hater”

  24. Why ADD HIM dumb friend horder

  25. Yip these things happen alot, i got a whole inbox full of them. It’s mostly from foreign guys also…and no it would be rude to just delete them…messing with witless people is way more fun.

  26. I just mean I showed it to tons of people to laugh at how stupid the guy was….not like to try it out or something…sorry

  27. ‘sorry’? you’re not even going to try and defend yourself properly..just ‘sorry’?
    Bacchante called you a WoWer fer chrissake. Doesn’t that make you angry?
    if you just apologise like that, it sucks most of the fun out and makes me feel like I’ve just kicked a puppy. Not a shitty little yappy ratdog pup, either, but a cool dog like a rottweiler or something.

  28. Big ups to Crafton for just shrugging off these pathetic attempts at something…not everyone is here for their amusement.

  29. ^heh.

  30. sababe, though I agree with your defense of crafton and agree that M-A-T is just pathetic, you come off pretty pathetic yourself, saying its rude to just delete guys who are clearly trying to have sex with you that you arent interested in, and youd rather mess with them, you mean that you just don’t get a lot of advances from men, so its fun to have to feel like you need to shrug off all these men throwing themselves at you, that’s the image that you paint of yourself

    I can understand a girl confirming a friend because they think this person might be interesting, might not be a creepy stalker-esque desperate loser, but once the creepy messages start flowing, you should remove them, don’t taunt creepy dirtbags into actual stalking

  31. Uhm sweetums, firstly thanx for taking my very lighthearted comment so seriously. Secondly if a dude feels that he want to invite a total stranger from halfway across the globe just to practice his perverted little tendencies out on them, who am I to not use him for my own amusement . It is not like they actually realise what I am doing in any case, they just to glad that someone is taking note of them. Shame Mr. Rapist, it seems that girls on the internet have hurt you alot hey?

  32. ^^ maybe if they asked nicely rather than just slipping it in the butt the girls would be nicer back? hmmmmm?

  33. awww, poor little ‘analrapist’ =(
    the only thing remotely amusing about him is his name. which he stole.
    or possibly earned by being anally raped? that may explain the BUTTHURT.

    you see why we need more cancer, Bacchante? the only thing that could jazz up analboy would be a comprehensive dose of rectal cancer.

  34. I dunno. Parkinson’s might be kind of amusing too.

  35. I’m just a bluff old traditionalist, I guess.

  36. I never understood why people would friend people they don’t want to talk to. And if he’s not your friend, just some random dude who just keeps messaging, there’s a “block” button.

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