Thursday, June 20, 2013

In Deep

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  1. “We need to go deeper”

  2. ^ Not sure how much deeper you could get than that.

  3. That almost sounds dirty.

  4. By deeper, you mean him sitting and crying in the corner while he watches the orgy

  5. ^ That sounds like fun.

  6. Year 16 in friend zone: Subject has not noticed my now post-pubescent advances. She is so completely oblivious to my undying devotion for her, that she introduced me to my current nemesis’ parents. I’m sure my soul is bleeding from this newest of tragedies that have occurred in my quest for her hand. Tomorrow I will buy her a pair of tickets to watch World War Z. I just hope she doesn’t take my nemesis… Again.

  7. Paranoid Android72

    I was deep in friendzone but we don’t talk about it anymore…

  8. This guy is a terrible stalker.

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  10. Next step:

    Her boyfriend is going to fuck him in the ass and not even give him a reach around…

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