Saturday, August 11, 2012

Save Room for Desert

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  1. “N I would eat u til u dry as Sahara desert n come back 4 sand.” Sexy… Who would resist an offer like that!

  2. ^I would, for such an offer is…fake.

  3. toddvanhamburger

    ^Says the guy made of liquid metal.

  4. That’s basically what Michael Jackson looked like an hour after his final ‘health shot’…

  5. That was so.. raw. Jeez.

  6. Incorrect. I am the T2000. My exoskeleton is liquid metal.

  7. Implying her vagina is full of sand?

  8. dessert fail

  9. don’t crabs live in sand?

  10. Fuck, you’re right Berky! Don’t tell Natasha though, I’m starting to think she’s mistaken that poor girl Mary for a buffet. Fat people get delerious when they go a couple of hours without eating. The alcohol probably doesn’t help, either!

  11. Natasha = Rose West.

  12. Perversely..I wish they had shown her reply…

  13. anyone else find it unneccessary to blur out the profile picture in the corner when it says that this picture is her profile picture

  14. This would make a great ad for the ‘Don’t Drink and FB’ campaign.

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  16. Natasha has a bowl-cut. That would look even worse from above, so I would strongly recommend the goth woman turn her down.

  17. White trash on Goth… I mean, how fucking sexy is THAT!?

  18. paza is fail and gay

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