Friday, August 10, 2012

Wins for the Weekend

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  1. toddvanhamburger

    Danny wins.

  2. This is very not real at all. Cheng chong yoing.

  3. Danny just called Nicholas’ mother a giraffe.

  4. ^fail

  5. Really, Danny…..

    The thumbs down will probably be in the thousands for this but I think Danny is an ignorant twat.

  6. I like a dark sumatran blend with caramel macchiato creamer and copious amounds of sugar.

  7. Oops, also meant to add 50/50 milk and poured over crushed ice…I don’t drink my coffee hot…ever….might as well swallow a tazzy….plays hell on my stomach….

  8. I think you’d be insulting twats by saying that Devo.. if its any consolation Danny will most likely be working for someone surnamed Chang in not so distant future

  9. If he has no soul, how could his soul go to hell?…

  10. I like Bianca’s pussy how I like my coffee….full of white stuff.

  11. The same white stuff, 9? I always figured you for a cum guzzler but damn I didn’t think you’d actually splooge in your coffee. Way to get your mojo back!

  12. Everything within a 5 foot radius of me is constantly covered in semen. Occupational hazard I guess.

  13. Sometimes I’m not so sure about you. Ya sure do go about fucking a lot of op’s around here, are you sure its all yours? Don’t you worry about slipping in it, or do enjoy that sorta thing?

  14. I like people how I like coffee, too.
    I keep it ground up in a box in my fridge. And after I’m finished with it, I bury it in the compost heap.

  15. just as Tiffany implied I’m stunned that some one able to get paid $5098 in one month on the computer. have you seen this web link N u T t y R i C h d o t c o m

  16. The last two made me laugh; Danny was funny as shit, and who doesn’t love a good “soulless ginger” joke?

  17. danny was fail as shit

  18. Casual racism counts as a win these days?

  19. ^ Absolutely! It always has!

  20. ^because people have been idiots forever!

  21. I like my government as I like my coffee: Cheap, effective and shitcanned when the job is done.

  22. ^where the fuck did you find a cheap government?! there is no such beast.

  23. ditto; effective.

  24. Why is casual sexism funny here but casual racism is not? Also, they are probably-white-people speaking Japanese.

  25. Unfortunately for Danny, Japanese sounds nothing like “ching chong chang”.

  26. @Eurgh, people do find casual racism funny here. The racism seems to be directed to every race except one. Can you guess which one?

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