Monday, April 8, 2013

What are the Chances?

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  1. no, she didn’t. B plus ) gives you that emoticon.

  2. Not to mention his/her math is incorrect…

  3. The odds aren’t 4/52.

    Fuckwits, fuckwits everywhere…

  4. Somebody please slap them…

  5. Odds are 4/52 for the first 3. If they draw again without replacing the first 3, the odds of pulling another 3 are 3/51.

  6. Another way to say it is:

    The chances of pulling two 3’s on two cards: about 0.4% (Not too likely)

    The chances of pulling any pair on two cards? About 6 % (Lore likely, but still moderately unlikely).

  7. The probability of drawing a pair of any 2 cards is just 3/51 ~= .00588. (The first card can be anything, then there are 3 cards left in the now 51-card deck with the same value).

  8. merle1971, your decimal point has slipped.

  9. They’re playing Idiot Poker anyway, so that’s your answer.

  10. What is Idiot Poker?

  11. You brought the idiot, YOU poke her…

  12. Regardless, the odds that they get anally fist fucked are 99%… there’s a 1% chance one of them gets lost.

  13. Incidentally, if there are more than 10 people at the party it becomes more likely than not that someone will pair.

  14. patterninstatic

    Actually, with 5 people it’s 49.3% likely that at least 2 people have a pair, and it only takes a 6th person to be more than 50% likely…
    This is along the same line as the birthday paradox, if you choose 23 people at random the odds of two people having the same birthday are over 50%…

  15. #11 – Great response! That was funny.

    Idiot Poker is the card game where each player draws a hand and doesn’t look, places a bet, takes the top card from his or her hand, licks the back, and then sticks it to his or her forehead. Then, the player places more bets if he or she feels his or her card is higher than the card of every other player. The players don’t peek at their own cards until all bets are called.

  16. What are the chances of me fucking these two sluts at the same time? I’d give Samantha a sausage roll in her snatch while she licked out her hot friend. Then after seasoning these whores with man mayonnaise, I’d watch as they cumswap and suck my ballsack.

  17. #16 Probably about 0% since you would have to leave your basement.

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