Tuesday, July 16, 2013

In Stitches…

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  1. You may want to hide these names better. I just found the profiles for both of these people just by looking up Johns Custom Embroidery and looking at the profiles of his only friends named Doug and Johanna.

  2. Throatwobbler Mangrove

    The gas bill may formally be in his name, but if she used the gas, she should pay for it. If this is the case then it does make sense when he states that he paid HER bills.

    Also, I think that he has paid more than one of her bills. She tries to change focus when she mentions that she had to pay half the court costs.

    Only a guess, of course.

  3. They’re divorced and still fighting. I’ll bet the sex between them was extremely rough and noisy, and quite amazing to watch.

  4. Dirty laundry aired on FB is just poor form.

    Have some dignity please.

  5. Paranoid Android72

    #2 Who fucking cares? Really. Just another facebook soap opera that has all the appeal of plucking Simon Cowell’s arse-hair with my teeth,

  6. Johanna types like a half-breed mix of white-trash and human.

  7. @gooberpea I agree. I found them, too. The comments on each status update also deserve to be on Lamebook, especially the comments on Doug’s.

    “Dude. You’re on Lamebook! Also, your girlfriend has a nice rack. You DOUBLE win!”

    Next comment (same guy):

    “Correction: Triple win since boobs come in pairs!”


  8. wtf is ate all the bills?

  9. ^ He put them in his mouth, chewed on them until they turned to mush, and then swallowed them.

    #7 – I have a feeling the “dude you’re on Lamebook” guy is the submitter.

  10. ^how did that help him?

  11. ^ I don’t really know. To me, it’s pretty absurd to eat your bills like that.

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  13. #9 – In that case, he’s a douchebag.

    Correction: Triple douchebag, since he left TWO comments AND submitted it himself.

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