Monday, April 8, 2013

Inception Doritos

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  1. We need to go deeper.

  2. It’s hard to tell where the lameness begins in this post.

  3. I like to eat these while reading “The Bible: the book based on the AMC miniseries.”

  4. patterninstatic

    Is this meme still around?

  5. I dont get it

  6. Any hungy latino sluts? I’m serving up a Taco Bellend Dickorito, Nacho Knobcheese flavour, drizzled with Chef’s own salad cream. Really hits the spot If you know what I mean! Cum now while it’s all you can eat, then get back to cleaning my kitchen for a dollar. Fucking whores.

  7. hannibal-lecture

    next, they can use it as a pizza hut topping

  8. Can someone clear this up? Are those chips actually taco flavored on one side or just taco shell on one side? I know it sounds weird but I don’t eat chips so I am just curious.

  9. ^If its anything like the product they sell where I live, some of the chips are flavoured differently, and the bag is a mixture of the 2. So you need to shove 2 chips into your mouth to get a combination of flavours. This is clever marketing, because the bag lasts half as long. Soon they will cotton onto that fact and include 4 or 5 flavours in a bag, in which case we are fuct. We will be spending a large portion of our salaries on damn chips. Good thing for you that you don’t eat them, and I think I may just join your cult.

  10. Rather amusingly, that post was quite a mouthful. Ha ha

  11. And if Pizza Hut makes it a topping then we can have Taco Bell make that pizza into a taco flavor and then Doritos can make it a chip again. Genius!

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