Thursday, August 25, 2011

Incredible Images

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  2. Hey,my friend Brandon told me check because it’s really hilarious. Now where do i find those?

  3. I think there was a few funny ones back in February 2009…..

  4. i dipped my corn dog in crabby dicks seaman sauce once… very creamy. kinda salty…. his chocolate and peanut delights are better tasting… especially when theyre all melty! yum.

    the food ain’t bad either.

  5. Hi kids, would you like to try one of Chef’s chocolate salty balls?

  6. I’m proud to say that I’ve been to Crabby Dick’s, it was delicious, and I now own one of their t-shirts.

  7. Now I want a big bowl of pho–#12, with almost raw beef, lots of basil and fish sauce, and a cold Saigon coffee. MMMmmm.

  8. I’m with Chucho on this one. Skip the fish sauce, get a good ring of sriracha and hoisin sauce in there and squeeze the life outta the lime wedge. Hoist a handful of bean sprouts in there with it, good to go.

    Oh and don’t forget the shrimp and mystery meat spring rolls for the win.

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