Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Informative Information

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  1. Ben!

  2. alen001

  3. Ben & Alen & THIRD!

  4. All of the above plus 4’th

  5. Did alen002 get demoted to alen001?

  6. Brandon’s girlfriend sounds hot. I want her.

  7. Still can’t believe people announce STDs on facebook. Brandon has a special girlfriend to be showing him the brown submarine!

  8. i love malteaser too

    Brandon, my advice – you don’t have to get used to anything. It is called flushing.

    Alternatively it may also be called, “It is not you, it is me”.

  9. @Basementcat I think he was 001 before all the other incarnations.

  10. i love malteaser too

    Oh wait. Kaitlyn can afford an IPhone but not crab cream? Seriously…

  11. Who's That Girl?

    Michael FTW! I would be honored if you wanked over my holiday photos. You’ll love the one of me dressed as an elf.

  12. hootie the blowfish

    All of a sudden Michael woke up the next day to discover he had no female friends on Facebook anymore.

  13. Kaitlyn, looks like she needs to change her password.

  14. Kaitlyn used a mobile device.

  15. @zydrate it definitely says she used fb for iPhone

  16. Probably sat her phone down…someone else nabbed it for a second…?

  17. Who's That Girl?

    Shit – Silly American mentality. Just realized that Europeans call their vacations “holidays”. Therefore, please feel free to wank to my picture of Mickey Mouse spanking my ass. Save the elf picture for Christmas.

  18. @ Hootie you called it!

  19. Okay if it was speechless then I want to see NaKaishia and Marcus Strip tease

  20. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    oh Kaitlyn… how about not sleeping around? This way you won’t have to worry about getting crabs or any other vd.

  21. i love malteaser too

    First post, there is something wrong about it. Why would Brandon call his gf’s dump “awesome”? He also believes in scatological gods that accept poo as an offering. And all of this first thing in the morning?

  22. Kaitlyn’s reeks of frape to me…

  23. You Got Doddified


  24. Alen is an infestation. Its growing!!!!

  25. I’m starting to thing alen isn’t human and is programmed to post the same thing at random times…

  26. NaKaisha? Seriously?

    Brandon’s girlfriend should have no problem taking a huge dick up her ass.

  27. StopDoingThat

    Huh, I had no idea that Marlon Wayans even /had/ a son…

  28. ^Un-funniest comment ever.^

  29. why announce even the possibility of an std on facebook? At least make sure you definitely have it first.

    I don’t understand people.

  30. StopDoingThat

    @jukaswo: *Bow* Thank you. Thank you.

  31. Kaitlyn, I never by the cream anymore. I just shave one side and burn the other. What doesn’t die off gets stabbed with an icepick on their way out.

  32. I kind of admire Michael for only having one typo if he is indeed drunk. I have to screen and edit each of my status’ sober before there’s no random dyslexia involved. My drunk ones are illegible, which is actualy good because no one understands that I’m talking about wanking over their facebook photos.

  33. @ Allen: Allen, I can’t speak for everyone as you never know what is going to come out of anybody’s mouth in here. Well, almost, we know what is coming out of word’s mouth.

    But anyway, I’m getting off track here, your website sucks. Twss moments have been around since middle school. It is old and can be said about anything. For instance, in your last sentence, ” and they should pop up” can be one of the moments.

    It’s just not funny anymore.

    So I ask you Master Bieber Frodo, Please stop!

  34. That’s what she said.

  35. mymomruinedfacebook

    Here’s my theory: People who say weird stuff like “I have an std” and the post says it’s from 20 seconds ago, and it’s on facebook for iPhone… Well, sounds like a mean friends took her iPhone, put that status up, quickly copied it and sent it into here.

  36. I’m not familiar with the iPhone’s capabilities, but can’t you log into facebook from more than just one of them?

    I mean, maybe someone did hack Kaitlyn’s account and signed into her account from their iPhone. Or can you only link one facebook account to your iPhone?

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  38. lol

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