Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ink That Stinks

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  1. Huh? What in the world

  2. My thoughts exactly.

  3. mcr is a faggot band

  4. That M&M wrapper isn’t any better.

  5. Song lyrics can be okay. But the band logo? Idiotic.

  6. Judging from her backside… I would say that it’s a good thing that she’s ok with being alone for the rest of her life.. Just saying.. As for the other two, fail… And hard to understand. Incredibly vague.

  7. Yeah, I’d say so.

  8. I had a small termite problem once and I needed the understuds replaced in three walls. The carpenter was an idiot and now all the walls are misunderstudded.

  9. We had a whore at school who slept with the whole footy team. We called her Miss Under-Stud.

  10. Walter’s was better. Dammit.

  11. google told me that ‘misunderstud’ is a relatively common online handle. so there’s that.

  12. I’m not familiar with MCR and after reading their lyrics I think that’s a good thing.

  13. Double fail, as I think that says “My Chemical Romarke” which a simple google search says is a wealthy insurance brokerage. Yay!

  14. Lmao. I know that girl with the mcr tattoo. Ohdear.

  15. Jesus Christ -.-
    @datolltroll That’s your personal opinion. A lot of people think MCR is a great band. Maybe I think you’re a faggot, too because “datolltroll”? Really?

    @chetungek I think it’s a pretty fucking sweet logo.

    @dragonfly MCR has really good songs, and that song is one of my favorites, all of their songs have meanings behind them.

    and last but not least:

    @robotulism That’s just how the logo is, you dumbass.The “N” is overlapping the “C” it’s not a fail. You just made yourself look like an idiot. Congratulations.

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