Monday, August 9, 2010

“Innocent” Images Part 2

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  1. Scuzzalicious! FTW!

    P.s. Love the Toypedo

  2. i don’t like mondays.

  3. The goop splat next to the Toypedo boy’s face is a nice touch…

  4. I think that magician has some wishful thinking.

  5. im strangely ok with transexual disney princesses

  6. That little girl was pretty impressed. Apart from looking like Disney Princess is packing a piece for some reason it also reminds me of a crack pipe(not that I’ve seen any other than in movies). The head just opens up and you put your shit in, burn in, then suck on that plastic dick.

  7. I believe crack pipes have to be glass or metal. Plastic sounds like it would melt. Crystal meth on the other hand…(not that I’ve seen any other than in movies). 😉

  8. Judging from that teethy grin I am guessing that the boy is new to this. Someone needs to teach him to ‘smile like a donut’.

  9. MsBuzzkillington

    Maybe the balloon was a newspaper first. That little girl seems to be blown away by his tricks.

  10. Magic Trick? Who does magic tricks with animal balloons?

  11. It’s obvious that the little girl in the first one is thinking, “I’m not putting that in my mouth. You’re not my daddy!”

  12. This Charming Man

    The Princess behind the first one has her straw at the back. For chocolate milk perhaps?

    Also, I would love to have sat in on the meeting when they came up with the idea for ‘Toypedo’. Just to know what those people were thinking.

  13. My question is, what do you do with the Toypedo? Just run around threatening people with it?

  14. Throw it at people’s heads. Or laugh at the word ‘pedo’.

  15. I’d have no problem making use of the second one.

    Having TOYPEDO and a freaky kid face on it might kill the mood for me a bit, but I can past a lot of things for the right price.

  16. That thing’s bigger than my real toypedo.

    Basement prisoner…LOLOLOLOL, I just got it.

  17. If it’s at the dollar store, why is it $2.00???????
    Oh ya, I almost forgot………….

  18. OMG! You guys have me giggling! The comments are better than any of the posts lately.

    Sideshow FTW!

  19. oh damn, and @ Steeeever, that could have been the Family Dollar Store here in America. Or for some strange reason it didn’t sell at a regular store it goes to the dollar store, kind of like the land of the misfits.

  20. Toypedo, fully submergeable. It will blow up the hull and cause massive flooding.

  21. I was at a dollar store in Florida the other week and there was stuff for all kinds of prices. You guys are liars.

  22. @Brit–most dollar stores that I have been to are called that because all their prices are rounded to an even dollar amount. We used to have 99 Cent Stores too, and those were the ones where everything was 99 cents. Not a bright idea, I agree.

  23. the store is called Dollarama, the largest dollar store in Canada. they sell things at 1$ 1.25$ 1.50$ and 2$

  24. Canada has both the dollar store and dollarama

  25. ^ In Quebec, Dollarama was the only true dollar store where everything was only $1 until the economy f-cked it up and Dollarama changed their prices.

  26. @BeautifullyDizzy
    I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba. You were not the only one with the true Dollarama where everything was only $1 untill the economy f-cked it up and changed the prices. We had at over a dozen. Although here they sait it was because they wanted to expand the type of things they were selling and in order to do that, they had to increase some of the prices up to two dollars. I hate it.

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