Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Intense for Both of Us!

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  1. Fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Suck it T1000 loser.

  2. BeboStunnah2kai12


  3. She laughs, but she knows it sounds good to her too. Who doesn’t like a litte ass lickin? Am I right, ladies?!

  4. ^Not just the ladies mind you.

  5. he says our secret, 19 seconds later she’s screenshotting it to upload here <3

  6. Someone doesn’t know where the backspace key is?

  7. ^Can someone give him a brick for stating the fucking obvious.

  8. @#6,When you send two messages after each other, it comes out like that…so he probably sent the first part and immediately realised what he had done…if this really happened, which i doubt it did (not that i wana sound like that terminator dude).

  9. Oops, my comment was aimed at stickfigure

  10. Hm. That’s just his way to hit on “the wrong Emily”. Now she won’t be able to erase that thought every time he posts a new pic of him flexing in the bathroom mirror.

  11. Her interest has been piqued. She now knows Rob is a bit freaky, and she may want to try out some freaky stuff.

  12. ‘Good boyfriends, eat ass’

  13. Found corn in my last gf’s ass.

  14. ^That’s better than a wristwatch.

  15. Or a midget.

  16. Or a midget wearing a wristwatch and whose teeth resemble corn.

  17. Look at him. He is a freaky sombitch

  18. “thanks for owning me like that” Is he a sub? Did she FORCE him to lick her ass? Sounds like something a lamebooker might do!

  19. I know i certainly would.
    rimjobs are awesome.

  20. Amen.

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