Thursday, July 22, 2010

It Burns…

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  1. CommentsAtLarge

    Whenever Lamebook mentions Lamebook, I worry. It’s like in the Terminator when Skynet became self-aware; the consequences concern me.

  2. Shit, I’d better be more careful. I might need to have a spotter handy when I’m watching porn.

  3. I don’t get Kirsten’s one!! What is funny about the surname Shart? And yes, lamebook being self-aware means that it is probably going to take over the world relatively soon…..

  4. CommentsAtLarge


    I’d be happy to spot ya, you know lend a helping hand and all that…

  5. Or I’ll just use lemon wedges.

  6. what potato said re : kirsten

  7. A Shart is when you mean to fart but you $hit instead.

    @Comment, don’t worry about the consequences. They will never be the same.

  8. Comments, I’ll buzz you later tonight.

  9. A 30-year-old itish woman? NY Daily News is gettin’ sloppy.

  10. CommentsAtLarge


    Better to be safe than sorry, I’m preparing the fallout shelter just in case.


    Sounds good. I’ll make sure to limber up — it’s always dangerous when a spotter gets a cramp mid-exercise 😉

  11. HA!! I learn so many new words on Lamebook! shart is going in the Potato dictionary. I would love to know what Word is doing with lemon wedges…I guess I am missing something there too.

  12. Leonid FTW.

  13. SomeRandomChick

    I have to read that story about the British nanny. What a tease with a few little lines. Also I lmao at “she came and went at the same time”! Anyone got a link? Cause I’m too lazy to google it myself….

  14. Excellent, Commster. Preparation is key.

    Enjoy the remains of your day.

  15. Lemon Wedge…
    (noun) A slang term for a homosexual man/woman.
    “he/she is definitely a lemon wedge”

    haha so thats what wordpervert is doing later….

    i respect wordpervert for her/his honesty. 🙂

  16. Well, Evan had that coming, didn’t he?

  17. Lemon wedge = homosexual = twist?


  18. I feel sorry for all the “cuntless hrs (whores)” on Lamebook too. Oh wait, “countless hours”? I like my version better.

  19. btw, just to let everyone know… when “solo-pleasing” in a low oxygen state (self choking), you use a lemon wedge to wake yourself up after you pass out.

    1 lemon wedge, the difference between going to work and being found hanging from the closet rod with your pants around your ankles.

  20. MsBuzzkillington

    How can you use a lemon wedge to wake yourself up if you are passed out?

  21. Whoring is one of my favourite past-times.

  22. thank’s mcowels for the correct definition.

    ..but i find my version amusing…. just imaging wordpervert trying to ”self please” with two horny gay people watching, then becomes too afraid to fall asleep in fear of what might happen in his/her unconscious/dying state. lol

  23. “How can you use a lemon wedge to wake yourself up if you are passed out?”

    Your gay spotter administers it. Duh.

  24. Cuntless hours sound like they might be painful.

  25. wow! learned two new words today, shart and lemon wedge. I prefer casshern’s version, even if it’s not the correct definition!!

  26. For shame Lamebook, for shame. You photoshopped the top picture, and in doing so killed the joke that JASON made. These other people may not know it by looking, but I’m the one it happened to.

    Again I say: For shame.

  27. Also, if you notice, “Josh”‘s picture is just my picture zoomed in a little closer and blurred a bit more.

  28. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Would anybody spend cuntless hours doing anything?

  29. Dukey Smoothy Buns
  30. Kris could use a nice sucker punch to the face.

  31. Wait, the dude Evan that got was whining about getting dicked over by coworker is on here, taking the time to post TWO, not just one comment. The content was what drew even moar attention (clearly purposeful, but for the intent of attention whoring or trolling?)…half more whining (zomg! it happened to meeeee; /sobsobfapfap) & making some sort of correction and/or addition. Was that RLY necessary? they blur out almost all of the profile pics on posts, so it certainly wasnt some personal slight on you, but way to make everything about you.

    Idk if anyone actually cares about what you took the time to correct & add to, except you and your friends, and I doubt that your friends legitimately care about it that much anyway.

    I know your hotel job is indeed illustrious- hey I worked front desk in college too… it’s not rocket surgery, yes it sucked you had to work extra to cover a self admitted dbag, but to make a big deal about it makes you look pious, petty, and like you take yourself way too srsly. pro tips:
    -shit happens,
    -try not to act so self absorbed/important; it’ll make you insufferable & friendlesss
    – you arent nearly as clever as you think you are

    feel free to rage. you seem like you need some outlets.

  32. I wonder if the soldier that sent his partner a dildo from the previous post read this article. Would put a whole new spin on it.

  33. The explanation of #1? What? Erm…

  34. *sigh* How do you not know what a “shart” is? nor able to figure it out?

  35. PS – the past tense of shit is “shat”

  36. Its kind of sad that the nanny died like that and to have it publicized to the whole world is just terrible… that’s a horrible fate

  37. she had it comin.

  38. Slanderous Princess

    Making fun of a nanny for going out happy is LAME! I cry for the world when this is “news”.

    Can anyone explain the lemon wedge method to me. I don’t understand how it would work. And if by lemon wedge you meant homosexual, I still need an explaination please…. sigh

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