Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The World We Live In…

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  1. 1 – Agree
    2 – Nasty (but probably fake, too)
    3 – Supports the argument in favor of IQ testing for procreation.

  2. @Nails. I’m pretty sure #3 is joking.

  3. Tampon throwing, the new Olympic sport!

  4. Period blood tastes just like cherry Pepsi.

  5. ^ You’re wrong. Cherry Pepsi tastes like period blood, which is why I don’t drink Cherry Pepsi.

  6. I really hope 2) really happened.

  7. Number 2 is fake .

  8. My number 2 is not fake… the smell isn’t artificial either.

  9. @2 DanR – I would hope so. But I’m not that optimistic about the human race, soooo….

  10. If the tampon story isn’t fake… The horror, THE HORROR!

  11. #2 is fake. It’s from FML. Still, a sick mind thought that up.

  12. I like Navdeep.

    And #2 doesn’t say where she pulled the tampon from.. All you sick fucks are just assuming she pulled it from her vagina.

  13. I don’t know…it said *her* tampon, not, “a” tampon…personally I just assumed she pulled it out of her asshole…but that’s just me..

  14. I actually just said tampon throwing….didn’t really state that it was bloody tampon throwing….so I agree.

  15. Kindergarteners totally have to tweet. It is right at their reading comprehension level.

  16. That’s one classy lady

  17. Weak.

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