Tuesday, June 26, 2012


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  1. If I were Todd, and I’m thankful I’m not, I would gather up whatever I could carry pronto-tonto, get in my car and drive without ever looking back. Remember Todd; the things we find the hardest to leave are the things we need the least. God speed, Todd.

  2. “Affair” can be used to describe a function, party, shindig or social gathering. What a hilarious misunderstanding.

  3. ^An affair can also be between two single people. It’s only recently that affair=adultery. Yes, I do have some time on my hands today.

  4. Or maybe Quizno’s is deliberately being cheeky, leveraging a double entendre so it goes viral???

    Sorry for stating the obvious.

  5. Stubby is right. I’ve seen this sign in Quizno’s, and if you know Quizno’s, you know they use the double entendre in much of their signage.

  6. That cake is in such bad taste, I’d hate to be Todd

  7. I’d slice off a piece, take a bite, and then say, “Damn, this cake tastes like shit.” And then throw the whole thing away.

  8. Id slice off a piece, take a bite, and then say, “Damn, this cake tastes like fake.” And then fake the whole fake away.

  9. I fucked Triana.

  10. I’d fuck the cake, go have an affair at Quizno’s then paint the bathroom with dookie butter….oh, then I would go shop at Bed Bath and Beyond…because I probably got a gift card from there for my birthday….because my name is fucking TODD.

  11. Well fuck me sideways, T1000 actually made me lol.

  12. ^you been drinking?

  13. ^You been questioning peoples activities?

  14. Not this time, MsAnne.

  15. I’m bloody hungry. I’d eat that cake… by myself.

  16. Awesome cake 😀

  17. ^yeah, must suck that no one will ever care about you enough to make one. because you’re vermin.

  18. Please tell me you’re referring to Noob, MsAnne. Or I’ll cry.

  19. of course I am.
    have some self-respect, woman.

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