Monday, December 24, 2012

It Was Worth It

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  1. Tai is, and I used the term advisedly, a fucking stupid worthless cunt

  2. I wholeheartedly concur with Stubby’s assessment of Tai’s character.

    I’m certain a look of mischief would cross my worn features, as I rolled the rear wheels of my bus repeatedly over his legs.

    Hateful Holidays one and all x

  3. Am I the only one who thinks that’s awesome?

  4. What is this new tendency where people just blurt out obnoxious things?

  5. It’s less douchy if you can relate your story all kinds of proper and shit.

    Not really.

  6. @ whoismikejones Well, to judge from your upvotes, apparently not – it must be a seasonal thing, this time of year when we all open our hearts more readily, to smug twee bullshit which would usually make us be sick in our mouths a little.

    @pumpndump Do you mean like in batbusboy’s imaginary journey, or in internet forums?
    If you mean the latter, it is kind of what we [i]do[/i] . . .
    (you’re welcome)

  7. @whoismikejones, yes, you are the only one who thinks this is awesome. Or perhaps just cunts like you and Tai think this is awesome.

  8. This is not awesome, that condescending twat tai is completely out of line.

  9. I still don’t get it.
    I think I understand that Al is Bruce Waynes’ butler or whatever, but i still don’t have a flipping clue how this is lame or funny, or anything ? Please help me. I want to sleep tonight.

    Oh, I got a lil’ somethin somethin for my booty valve, from santa…

  10. He says he didn’t get a ride today.
    He got a ride though because the 935 is a bus which he got a ride from, he had the whole ride to himself right?
    Then, when he got off his ride he was in a foul mood because he didn’t get a ride (he did) and was now soaked and cold because he didn’t get a ride (he did) and snottily and uncontrollably said “Thanks Alfred”.
    He eventually, in horror, turned to apologize for his Tourettes outburst.
    Alfred responded with the punchline; “YW, Mr Wayne”
    Confused, but i get the batman reference.

    “WORTH IT!”
    Confused. What am i missing here? please? I’m out of eggnog too..

  11. Let’s say Tai’s shift at work just ended. Tai works with these people, so Tai feels like he should be able to, “acquire a ride”, with someone, just because they are possibly going in a similar direction to get home. However, Tai, “didn’t manage to acquire a ride”, so he had to take a bus. Tai likely, “didn’t manage to acquire a ride”, because all the people who pay for their own gas, insurance, repairs, payments and maintenance don’t feel any obligation to be Tai’s personal chauffeur service. Tai is likely the same type of person who would never consider offering fuel money, because they were going in a similar direction anyways. Also, if Tai were to, “acquire a ride”, when they reach the destination, Tai will probably leave an empty coffee cup in the cup holder, or a candy bar wrapper on the floor, and he would probably slam the door so hard the driver is temporarily deafened. And to top it all off, because Tai didn’t, “acquire a ride,” he was a prick to the bus driver.

  12. @thesaurapist as in “I was at the hospital and this guy in a wheelchair asks me ‘how it’s going’ and without thinking I respond ‘still standing.'” Wtf.

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