Friday, December 25, 2009

It’s a Lamebook Christmas: Part 2





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  2. What’s up with Tim?

  3. Looks like he got attacked by a bear or something.

  4. I hate people like Courtnae.

  5. Gracie is fucking lame for submitting her own comment, captured 2 seconds after she wrote it.

  6. Does that youtube link actually work for anyone? I typed it in and it was broken. And I agree with knobjockey.

  7. Courtnae needs a merry Christmas kick in the c***!

  8. Somehow I think Tim has taken this opportunity to show us an injured person from one of the countries the US is currently terrorizing, in the context that, “hahaha Muslim fuckers if you’d only decided to worship MY spaghetti monster instead of yours you wouldn’t be lying in a hospital bed.”

  9. @Wednesday- That’s what I thought. If that’s true… Kaleb is a huge douchebag. 😐

  10. I don’t think Gracie is lame, simply because she made a comment.. she wasn’t trying to be funny. But, if she was, then… IA.

    I think the world would be a much better place if Tim, Fox, and Kaleb killed one another.

  11. Too bad English is one of the official languages of Puerto Rico, Amanda. I hate everyone involved in the “Feliz navey fucking da” post.

  12. I think Courtnae is the one that needs to learn English. Honestly, she can’t even spell her name right. What a cunt…

  13. that pink pillow looks hard as a bloody rock, he’s already in pain,and that would have to make it worse

  14. Keanu Reeves In Speed

    Wednesday December 25th, 2009 at 11:50 am

    Somehow I think Tim has taken this opportunity to show us an injured person from one of the countries the US is currently terrorizing, in the context that, “hahaha Muslim fuckers if you’d only decided to worship MY spaghetti monster instead of yours you wouldn’t be lying in a hospital bed.”

    Don’t blow up buildings if you can’t handle your building being blown up.

  15. Courtnae needs a slap on the head and a lesson on American history. The land didn’t, and still doesn’t belong to white English speaking people, it is shared by many different nationalities. So she’s the one that should f*** off out the country if she doesn’t like other languages. And I’m not even Spanish.. just somebody a whole lot more educated than that dumb tart.

  16. I guess his intentions were well meaning. But Tim still strikes me as a pretentious twat.

  17. I am from Puerto Rico and I hate that song too.

  18. Courtnae has a point. 😛

  19. @18: How, exactly?

  20. What the hell is Kyra talking about?

  21. I hope one of Sarah’s facebook buddies tells Her mom that her daughter called her a whore!

    Courtnae’s child will grow up to be trailer trash just like her mother. Poor kid.

  22. I definitely agree with #15; Courtnae does need English lessons. And I sometimes hope Spanish-speaking immigrants achieve a majority in the US, so that the white folks whose ancestors STOLE this land will have to open their minds a little and learn something new. I’m sure the Native Americans weren’t keen on being forced to learn English (and/or French), or being eradicated. Karma is a bitch, no? So all you haters out there who think it’s just so terrible that there’s a little too much Spanish in your melting pot, just lighten up; at least your entire culture isn’t being destroyed.

  23. @Keanu Reeves In Speed: What is with the date you posted? I know it is Christmas in America at present, but it’s friday. Please expalain!!!

    @Sarah: If I blew all over your face, would you call me a pimp?

  24. @Insane: seriously? You don’t why it says Wednesday?

  25. @Zoned: If I had of known, I wouldn’t have asked. Anyway I know now, so thanks for your help.

  26. Why has nobody pointed out that Puerto-Ricans ARE Americans? And therefore have english as a national language, as well as spanish as an official language?

  27. 20.Zoned December 25th, 2009 at 6:05 pm

    It sounds me like Kyra is just writing shes wish to santa in a shop, she is watching on a shoes and wishing santa will buy them for her dying mum before she die? That’s terrible.

    I think lame is the Dale comment there.

  28. @Insane: My apologies. I thought you were joking, I wasn’t being sarcastic, as I see your posts around here often.

  29. @26, znerrad, I did point that out.

  30. PosterformerlyknownasTristan

    What Kyra is saying comes from a Christian song about a kid wanting to buy some shoes for his dying mother and some guy buys them for the kid. Never heard the song before until my wife made me listen to it. She cried at the end and I just shook my head. Women….

  31. @Zoned: No worries. Sorry for misinterpreting what you said. I was having a blonde moment. I blame the lack of sugar in my coffee this morning.

  32. @Keanu
    I might be wrong, but I don’t think the girl in the photo was involved in blowing up *your* building, other the having (according to you) been born in the same country as those who did.
    you’re ignorant

  33. @PosterformerlyknownasTristan: christians have strange songs.

  34. Not knowing that “Feliz Navidad” was written by a hispanic goes with the theme of her name being spelled wrong.

  35. Seeing as the USA doesn’t have an official language…What’s wrong with having other languages floating around? I’ve learned German and French in school.

  36. Keanu Reeves In Speed


    You’re probably right. The fact that some jackass jarhead posted this on his Facebook is in poor taste. I support the eradication of terrorism through police versus military matters.

    That being said, I really hate people talking of things such as “the U.S. are the real terrorists!” or “The U.S. is the only country to use the bomb!” or other garbage parroted by mindless sheep who just googled Howard Zinn or took a community college political science class.

  37. PosterformerlyknownasTristan


    I have heard a lot of Christian songs since my wife has found God again (and what makes it so interesting is I am atheist) and while in the car I end up hearing a lot of these songs. I even heard a Christian rap song the other day and thought to myself, “Snoop Dogg would kick this poser’s ass all the way back to his momma’s womb.” Personally going through hell everytime I get in the car makes me stronger, right??? Right??? Please say right!!!!!

    Shoot me.

  38. @ PosterformerlyknownasTristan

    im not surprised with christian rap band, i was working as a manager in a music club and once i’ve got a promo pack of german christian skinhead band called “jesus skins” interested for play a gig there. there was lyrics like “sieg hail jesus, he will come, he will return, for new dawn”… bizzare.
    otherwise im not listening christian bands, but everyone should do whatever is his, of course.

  39. PosterformerlyknownasTristan


    That is epic. I bow to thee…

  40. we do speak english in puerto rico

  41. oh the ignorance. first of all, the united states does not have an official language. second of all, when you go to mexico do you learn spanish first? i think not, youre not intelligent enough clearly. third of all, “America” is a continent, it does not simply include the united states, it includes many countries, including spanish speaking ones.

  42. Sarah has some serious hatred. I mean really, who calls their MOTHER a bitch and a whore?!? Maybe her mom should have called her an abortion.

    Tim, we are all soooooo impressed with your social conscience, bet it gets you laid alot by chicks who wear hemp, patchouli (sp?) and don’t shave their pits.

    Courtnae, what exactly is your mom’s excuse for giving you a stripper name and THEN on top of that, mispelling it?

  43. @yaya – To be fair Sarah probably knows her mother better than you, so I’m going to bet that her mum is a bitch really. I hate it when people say you’re meant to love your mum no matter what. I’ll tell you one thing I’m pretty sure you would hate your mum too if she resembled the one off Carrie.

  44. Christ on a cracker

    Oh Courtnae, you do know that’s the name of a cheap prostitute, right?
    Moving on, while you maybe a HUGE diseased infected cunt, the Hispanic community is not to blame that while they bothered to try and learn your language and are hard workers so that they can make a better life for themselves and their families, SOME of you lazy gringos don’t have enough neurons to be able to do the same. So with that said… chupame la verga, puta de mierda!! And in case you don’t know, that’s spanish for SUCK MY DICK!

  45. beautifuldisasterxo

    wow! sarah really needs to grow up just a tad…

  46. @Keanu Reeves in Speed: word.

  47. Sarah sounds like my ex.
    Aaaaaand Courtnae, nice run-on sentence, learn your own languauge, Biotch.

  48. Sarah is obviously some snot-nosed little punkette who didn’t get something she wanted from Mommie Dearest, & is pitching a pissy fit.

    Courtnae, first of all, got the short end of the stick in the “spelling of the name” department. Second of all, I agree with fujativeskier, LEARN ENGLISH FIRST before you start bashing others’ languages. We are headed towards IDIOCRACY here!!!

  49. I bet Courtnae is in the Tea Party with her idiot fucking parents who gave her that retarded name and ruined her chance at being a normal human the day she was born. Poor kid. I would feel sorry for people like Courtnae were it not for how much they fuck everything up for the rest of us. Stupid bitch.

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