Friday, December 25, 2009

It’s a Lamebook Christmas: Part 3




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  1. First

  2. My mom is also Dianne S. so that’s a little weird. But she would never say that. And thankfully.

  3. By commenting ‘First’, you can be a winner and a loser at the same time.

    The admins should create a second website with just one post, where all comments auto-delete every 5 minutes. It would provide a useful decoy.

  4. Christmas cocking followed by a wet, Freudian slit. Call her a stocking so she can be stuffed. Merry Christmas to the ho-ho-ho. XD

  5. ETA: If she does that, she’ll get a white Christmas, no matter where she lives. XD

  6. Angus is my hero

  7. Am I missing something? That picture does not look like a nativity scene, looks like snowmen ice-skating.

  8. In the background it looks like there’s a star…and maybe a Jesus or something.


  10. mom ftw!

  11. I want to give Dianne S and Nora a white Christmas 😉

  12. worst_episode_ever

    even if she used the right word it still sounds so stupid… “updates on the cooking that her mess will follow”?? wtf nora must be dyslexic or esl

  13. Worst_episode_ever

    Yes it does make sense, I can see how you are reading it though.

    she saying she will give updates on the cooking that is a mess
    except shes worded it ‘the mess that is my cooking’

    not the most grammatically pretty sentence, but it does make sense.

  14. Worst_episode_ever

    You appear to be the dyslexic one. If she had used the correct word, it would read, “Updates on the mess that is her cooking will follow.” You jumbled the words.

  15. @SarahBear33
    “Freudian slit” – that just made my day!

  16. I love how even on Christmas day the “first” losers are out in force. Bless their sad little lives…

  17. @SarahBear33: Loving your posts! Hilarious.

    Angus went to Nora’s to enjoy her moist game. First she let him have the breast, but it was very leathery and he didn’t want it so Nora ended up gobbling Angus’s meat herself.

  18. how the hell is THAT a nativity scene? I don’t remember the Bible mentioning the Victorian dressed carolers tagging along with the 3 wise men to the manger in Bethlehem….do I have an out-dated Bible?

  19. els9874- It’s not a Nativity scene. There in lies the opportunity for mocking.

  20. Are folks being serious with the whole FIRST thing? I hope not because I always sort of figured that was a joke.

  21. To some people it’s not a joke… 🙁

  22. Frankenstein Girl

    I think Angus’ comment was probably one of the funniest I’ve seen on this site..lmao

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