Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It’s Pancake Time!

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  1. Cool Bro!

  2. That cockring looks a bit on the small side.

  3. I tire of lamebook… But dammit if I don’t just keep coming back.
    Glutton for punishment I guess.

  4. I’m going to state the obvious since I’m sure everyone is thinking it. As soon as you bite one side, the bracelet is compromised and will likely fall off while running.

    I think we are all in favor of pancake technology, but at least put your product through a little R&D before announcing it to the world.

  5. I like to imagine the moment when Caleb (the guy in the pic looks like a Caleb) starts proudly walking somewhere wearing his pancake bracelet. He then takes a bite, it falls to the ground, and he says, “oh, of course.”

  6. Want to eat pancakes on the go? Leave off the syrup, and/or make a sandwich.

  7. Only thing lamer than this “invention”, is the fact that he self submitted it.

  8. It looks more like a pancake colon to me.

  9. It looks more like a proliferation of bacteria made into a ring, to me. How appetising.

  10. We all took a vote… You are a genius… Is your other hand full of syrup?

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