Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It’s Raining Benz

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  1. You live in OCEAN CITY. Which is now part of the ocean. Numbnuts. Hope you enjoyed your three weeks with your girlfriend.

  2. I just hope he got good insurance…

  3. Really? I find myself hoping he has no insurance. Not even health insurance. And he gets herpes.

  4. He called himself “baby”. He already has herpes.

  5. I hope his insurance refuses to pay. That kind of idiot is the one they find sitting on rooftops waiting for a chopper to come pluck them off. It costs the rest of us all kinds of money for moron upkeep.

  6. Wow… So much hate… I was just putting myself in his (wet) shoes. The last time a hurricane made it all the way to Northern Kentucky a tree fell on my partner’s car and part of the deck of the house… We did have good insurance.

  7. I hope his adjuster comes over and fucks him in the ass in front of his kids. He could have used the Benz to drive to a safer area until the storm passed.

  8. he was given a chance to evacuate… fuckyousandy ? more like fuckyoubenz…

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