Thursday, July 9, 2009

It’s Rong

It's Rong

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  2. Come on let me here you say it just once…
    No, not that, no the other thing…


  3. Maybe one day she’ll get it wright!

  4. We mock other people’s decisions and intelligence because we’re better than them! Haha, lamebook is the best!

  5. posted July 9th, 2009 at 1:34 pm: Your handle suits you well.


  7. this is what happens when parents give their kids names with alternative spellings. they are doomed.

  8. one dai she’ll get it rite

  9. im thinking her spelling is “rong”

  10. fuck you Mark, I was going to say that.

  11. i’m thinking her problem starts with the fact that her name is “Brittani” with an ‘i’

  12. fuck all yall.

  13. “leiflet July 9th, 2009 at 3:04 pm

    this is what happens when parents give their kids names with alternative spellings. they are doomed.”

    Maybe her parents spelled her name right, and she just spells it rong.

  14. wow
    just…. wow

  15. What makes this even more fucking hilarious is the way she spells her name “Brittani” with an “i”.
    It looks “RONG” AND stupid to me.

  16. i’m her facebook friend, her whole page is like this. it’s a real gem.

  17. I busted up laughing at this shit. SO RONG OF ME!11~12!!!!

  18. I know a Chinese chick named Rong. Seriously.

  19. No. You’re rong.

  20. is she Asian?

  21. My condolences to you, 1973 (commenter #16).

  22. ur doin’ it rong.

  23. I think she should lay off on the thinking and maybe pick up a book for some reading… And would it kill her to capitalize?

  24. And punctuate? If badly-written self inquiry is rong, Brittani doesn’t wanna be rite.

  25. hahahaha that is so funny!!!!

  26. Why did none of her friends comment on this?

    Then again, look how she spells her name.

  27. Princess Bananahammock

    read #5..???
    @ CHarlie-omg too fricken
    and again 1973…you must share more of her wisdom with us..I need a good laugh.

    and lastly anyone so far named Brittany of any spelling is doomed..never met a bright one yet. Prove me wrong Brit.

  28. @Princess Bananahammock
    I know some smart people named Brittany, but I think that anyone named any form of “Brittany” that ends in an ‘i’ is doomed because the idiot parents could not possibly have good genes to pass along.

  29. @Princess Bananahammock and joannthemad

    my name happens to be Brittni.
    As you can see, it ends in an “i”.
    I also happen to be quite intelligent.
    consider me the rarity. 🙂
    [signed up just for this… shows off that intelligence, huh? lol]

  30. My real name is Brittany, and I am not lacking in intelligence. I absolutely abhor the name though, so I’m not really sure why I felt called upon to defend it.

    But basically, most people named Brittany are stupid, fucking morons. No matter how it’s spelt. Which is why I’m legally changing it in two weeks 🙂

  31. User leiflet, I agree with you. What is it with these weird names, anyway? Or are these people just “so cool” that they spell their name differently on purpose?

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