Wednesday, November 6, 2013

It’s Time!

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  1. 8ander is an Idiot Bitch Fuck!

  2. Tell us how you really feel..

  3. C U N T S

  4. And Steever must be the insane cock addict…

  5. That list applies EXACTLY to the people that comment on Lamebook.

  6. Looks like one of those “wrote that when I was drunk” moments.

  7. I’m the good guy.

  8. Steeeeever fits all of those titles.

  9. except the good guy part

  10. I really can’t come up with anything. Not even the slightest straw to grab, for stating it’s his own fault if he gets raped.

    I have failed.

    If I keep failing like that, it’s my own fault if I get raped.

    Ohh ya, I’m back again, bitches (and good-guy Steeever).

  11. ^When did you leave?

  12. This is awesome:)

  13. I get the feeling that by making this the only post of the day, lamebook might be trying to make a point here.

    Well played, sir.

  14. This bought all the weirdo lamebookers out of the woodwork

  15. PS. If your name is Xander, chances are you’re a magic card player living in the basement with an awesome D and D miniatures collection

  16. lost-dog, if they were trying to make a point, they’d just post as Dane or not-Stever…

  17. @15 – Spot on.

  18. Just de-friend the annoying bints? Or if you can’t de-friend them because they’re your mum (I’m looking at you “Insane cock addict”) just hide their posts. Whatever’s going down on your timeline is the result of your own life choices. If it sucks, you’ve got no-one to blame but yourself.

  19. No strippers??? Your friends suck, man.

  20. @6, Xander posted this at 4:46 AM.
    I think you’re onto something.

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