Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Thanksgiving Spirit

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  1. Eating… And rape!

  2. I BELIEVE you should try using a thesaurus “Preston”. Believe me, I should know, can you believe it, well, please believe it.

  3. Hey funny dude, can you teach me how to Dougie??

  4. omfg, it was so excited to perhaps get the first position, it couldn’t even formulate a sentence

  5. ^ perhaps there were screams from the dungeon that needed to be taken care of, hence the distracted tone of the post

  6. Oh I get it. It’s funny because he wrote “eating” twice.

  7. Giving thanks, giving thanks.

  8. ^Thanks

  9. Quaker State, and Quality Inn.

  10. Canada hates Thanksgiving.

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