Friday, June 12, 2009

Jared’s Been E-Served


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  1. CLASSIC!!!

  2. damn LMAO i’d be mad if my mom did that to me.

  3. LOL that is hilarious!!!!!

  4. Hi Janice

  5. I’d probably laugh myself into a coma if I saw that on someone’s wall.

  6. poor kid

  7. made my day


  9. Oh, man. XD

  10. LoL! That’s hilarious!

  11. LOL! Funny stuff!

  12. oh fuck lolz!!! that bites!!!


  14. Um.

  15. damn, jared’s mom is a bitch! I talk to facebook before my children…

  16. Yeah, there isn’t anything funny about this at all. Schadenfreude’s got it right; Jared deserves a mom who isn’t as coldhearted and stupid as Janice and I’m SO glad to not have a mom like her.

  17. fuck! this is the best comment ever!!! lol

  18. definately the best lamebook i’ve seen to date

  19. Who would’ve thought it would take Facebook for a kid to learn that his parents got divorced?

  20. OMG pwned, great one 🙂

  21. sounds like the kid knew about the proceedings already to me. if my mum listed herself as single i’d automatically assume she messed up facebook.

  22. That’s terrible, but I couldn’t stop laughing either.

  23. Ahahahaha. That’s hilarious! and sad….

  24. “Why mom, WHYYYY??”

    “Your dad couldn’t get it up anymore…”

  25. well, maybe she was Jared’s step-mom.

  26. awkward talk later!

  27. maybe he was saying it as a joke, not expecting mum to agree with him!!

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