Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jenn Seriousoy Envies Her Lil’ Sis


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  1. What did Amanda say about her hitting on her boyfriend?

  2. I smell a threesome!!!!!!!!!!

  3. yuck.

  4. wtf is on the girl’s chin

  5. she seems to be puling her hair down

  6. Or else she has a zipper-chin, and the fly is down.

  7. S, as the organizer of herpfest, I would like to second your odorous detection!!!!!!

  8. no blame, i can’t get my eyes off the boy’s arm either

  9. What hmm said.


  11. Yeah he does look pretty fuckin sexy… love the arms…

  12. … this IS akward…

  13. haha Elaine submitted this didn’t she? You can see the ‘x’ button there. I guess someone forgot to edit that part out 😛

  14. “mom always loved you more!”

  15. “stop riding his dick, u stupid whore”

  16. hes soo blatantly tensing his arm. not complaining

  17. They’re going to be servicing Mr. Hefner together pretty soon.

  18. How do we know Jenn is older?

  19. I hate when people send stuff in they commented on and think they’re so funny.

  20. When I first saw this I though that was blood running down her chin – now that would have been even more awkward…

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