Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jesus Big Gulps


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  1. are they talking about jesus or cumguzzling?!

  2. I love to spill my shit everywhere

  3. and by “jesus awesomeness” i mean pure grain alcohol and grape juice.

  4. The homosexual repression is palpable. These guys haven’t whacked off since Easter. (Name that quote! Hint: Chomp!)

  5. I’m really having to surpress my giggles here – it’s just too funny.

  6. you bad little girl, almost giggling. good thing you held those giggles in check. whew.

  7. ChickenGuts, you just made my giggles spill everywhere!

  8. W. T. F ?

  9. I bet Ryan just loves spilling that Jesus awesomeness all over himself…

  10. What is so wrong about being proud to be a Christian? It’s not lame, and it insults about 33% of the world’s population to say it is. Then you’ve got the 51% of the world that aren’t Christians, but do believe in SOME divine creation, and– since you’re saying all religion is lame– you’ve ended up insulting 84% of the world’s population.

  11. It’s wrong because pride is a sin. It says so in the Bible. So, Ryan is clearly not a good Christian, and should, in fact, be chastised to change his ways lest he end up in Hell.

  12. He could be talking about a hispanic guy & not that other dude.

  13. NachoSweetheart

    George Carlin said it best – “Keep thy religion to thyself.”

  14. Indeed, Nacho. If you’re a Christian, caloo calay for you. But keep it to yourself.
    And Dannielle: what’s wrong with insulting 84% of the world’s population? I don’t really approve of disparaging people for their religious faith (so long as they keep it to themselves), but if people are going to be so upset and butthurt when someone makes fun of their beliefs (which, let’s face it, are pretty silly when you think about it), then to hell with them. If you can’t laugh at yourself, you deserve to be made fun of.

    Also: I’m pretty sure Ryan is talking about swallowing Jesus’ semen.

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