Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Engine > Women


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  1. the only thing that would make this guy a bigger douche is if he added Creed in his favorite music section

  2. OMG…this guy is SSSOOOOO hot.

  3. rocks my face off

  4. This is a blatant attempt at displaying heterosexuality. Overemphasized by the numerous exclamation points.


  5. hahahahah andi

  6. isnt family guy a tv show? i thought he only watched sports

  7. yeah i bet you can relate with Tool

  8. Nice. Engine > women eh. Stick a penis in it and tell me how it feels.

  9. This screams douche. Lol

  10. Intern, he cleverly stuck that in the “Favorite Movies” section thinking we wouldn’t notice. Always gotta stay one step ahead of these lamebookworms. Or a few hundred miles.

  11. edorarin, I think mullet is screaming a lil’ louder than douche.

  12. I love how Jay-Z is so out of place in his music list.


  14. Joe Dirt? Friday Part 2? Douchebag.

  15. @14 Do not forget Waterboy… It’s also a masterpiece 🙂
    I wonder if he meant also all parts of Friday the 13th.

  16. OMG…those are the boys we used to hide from in high school

  17. Hahaha! Classic!

    – Open Google
    – Search “Cool Music”
    – Select big names I know nothing about
    – Add them in Music section of Facebook profile

  18. Haha, how out of place is Jay-Z there, he can obviously relate to that music just as easily as the rest, fuckin tool. Oh and Neverhood, he meant the Friday films with Ice Cube in, good films (Y)

  19. This guy likes Nickelback, nuff said.

  20. I thought he was an ass from the start, but when I noticed “Nickelback” in his favorite music section I vomited with disgust.

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