Thursday, November 12, 2009

John, Joe and His Job


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  1. why on earth do people talk like peta? it really gets annoying… some acronyms like WTF and LOL are fine… but WHAT IN THE HELL IS ‘gud’…for those who dont understand sarcasm, i understand gud should be taken as good… but i dont initially pronounce gud like good in my head… it comes out like its spelled… and then i just get pissed…

  2. unfortunately your an imbecile then as what she is doing is using only phonetically relevant parts of words and if they seem at odds with reason replacing them all together.
    for example when she type gud it is more phonetically correct than good because good should sound like gued. its just the english language is very complicated and part of the reason for its success and beauty is its adaptability in grammar, slang and general language. petra should not be ridiculed for her method of comunication, you should be for your pompous attitude towards something so unpretentious as the english language, the current used form a raped and much changed jumble compared to how it used to be hundreds of years ago. change happens, get over it.

  3. Actually, ‘good’ is the best way to spell it for correct annunciation. ‘Gud’ would have a similar sound to the “u” in ‘gutter’ or ‘udder.’

    It looks to me that Peta isn’t just using phonetically relevant parts of words as much as she’s just simply being lazy, or maybe doesn’t even know better. This is exemplified through changing the world ‘the’ to ‘tha,’ and many other things.

  4. @Matt
    Actually, while I’d never type ‘phonetically’ (seriously, that word pisses me off – if you actually wrote phonetically it would NOT look anything like that and would involve a lot of symbols), I DO pronounce good as gud. Ever heard of people having different accents? Also, where I’m from, using ‘tha’ would probably be more accurate than ‘the’.

    Oh, shit… *realises these people may just be from near where nor’n monkey is from*

  5. Otto said it, all Samual-L-Jackson-style, too. I am going to submit this to an institution which studies garden path sentences.

  6. My brain hurts from the stupid…

  7. Are people actually analyzing the phonetics of this conversation? I agree with you atentora, my brain hurts from the stupid…..

  8. He should KHITC

    Hope this helps

  9. It’s stupid but here in Australia people spell phonetically- even at school and it’s accepted. And then the idiots start working and I have to read their fucked up emails and documents! Get a clue people!

  10. @Bert
    I had to look that up. LOL.

  11. Wow, spelling is just awesome….whatever happened to “English”

  12. It probably died out with Latin.

  13. I didn’t understand any of this. But, my God, am i glad I don’t now these people. Poor kids involved!

  14. Haha i know of these people. They aren’t British, they’re Australian and they’ve been on again off again for ages. The latest was something to do with a kitten. One of them got a kitten and the other one didn’t like it. Classic!

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